Ever get tired of WoW's default music?

· Wish you could use your Final Fantasy battle music while in combat?
· Your epic Lord of the Rings music while in Elwynn Forrest?
· The Conan the Barbarian score when in Loch Modan?
· Your Indiana Jones score while in Uldaman?
· Some Shadow of the Colossus music when you encounter bosses?
· Metal Gear Solid music when you engage in PvP?
· Bootilicious when your troll girl starts dancing?
· Neverending Story when flying on a hippogryph?

That's exactly what Soundtrack lets you do. It lets you customize various in-game events using your own mp3s, using a very simple interface.


· [Windows only]Install Python: Download and install Python. Windows users can install from this link. OSX users already have Python installed.
· Download the zip file.
· Install the addon: Open the zip file and then drag the 'Soundtrack' folder onto your 'World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons' folder. This is usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft on Windows, or Applications/World of Warcraft on OSX.
· Verify the installation: You should have a World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\Soundtrack folder on your machine if you installed correctly.
· Copy mp3s you want to use in-game to the Interface\AddOns\Soundtrack\Music folder. If you have a lot of mp3s, you should organize them into sub-folders.
· Generate your track library: One more thing before you start WoW. Run the Interface\AddOns\Soundtrack\ file. This generates a file called MyTracks.lua that feeds your list of mp3s to the addon. You need to run whenever you add/remove mp3 files to the Music folder.


Please submit any bug reports or feature requests