Pawn assesses the value of items for you to make it easy to decide which items are better than others. It's similar in purpose to mods such as Tank Points, but completely customizable, and applicable to any class and situation. You can use it to help create multiple gear sets, or decide whether to take that weapon with higher DPS or the one with more crit rating, or decide between a necklace with MP5 and one with bonus healing.

Pawn is a mod for hardcore World of Warcraft players�you may not like it if you're not the sort of person who agonizes over stats and itemization. You can use premade Pawn 'scale tags' that other people make and post on forums to set up Pawn for your spec without any extra effort. And, if you're the kind of person who goes through Wowhead and Lootzor looking for exactly the items you want for your gear sets, builds Excel spreadsheets, installs TheoryCraft, reads Elitist Jerks... well, Pawn might just be right up your alley.

See the Pawn readme file included with the mod for more information on getting the most out of Pawn.

Check out the unofficial Pawn forums at .

Find Pawn plugins for FuBar and Titan Panel at 'that other site': .

Pawn is only for the English client. For community-translated localized versions, look for these mods on this site:

German: Pawn(ger)
Chinese: Pawn(zhCN)