SpamMeNot detects and blocks gold spammers.

It analyzes the incoming message and weighs each word (or part of a word)
as specified in the locale file. If the total weight is greater than or
equal to 100 then the message is blocked.

It will also keep a (frequently purged) internal history of messages
from players and will analyze the last 3 messages as a whole to counter
spammers that split their adverts in to several messages.

Messages via /whisper /say /shout and any system global channels that do
not pass the filter will not show up in your chat boxes. It does not
monitor player created channels. You can chose whether or not to monitor
the trade channel.

Now incorporates Blizzard's new spam reporting system.

You can view indivual spammer details to see what text they sent and how they
scored if you so desire.

SpamMeNot also includes a level based filter so that players that attempt
to contact you via whispers, that are under the specified level (default 2),
will also be blocked. Setting this to 1 in effect disables this functionality.

It's also compatible with FuBar, WIM, ForgottenChat, Cellular and uses Ace2.

SpamMeNot actually hooks all of the Ace2 events to filter spam from other AddOns
where possible.

btw I'm looking for some localization if anyone would be so good as to provide some

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