__/ Notes \__

* The author is a None-English-Speaker, please bear with me when I saying something

__/ Intro \__

* zBar is an ActionBar mod that allows you modify layout of action bars easily.
* Some automatic features will help you to handle so many " actions " of your own.

Why this ?

Maybe you want :: Pop up when I need :: Switch page automatically :: Lots of layouts :: Quick and Easy settings :: Low memory usage.

__/ Usage \__


* Move bar by dragging the tab, which is on top of the first button
* Left Click on tab will minimize bar, Right Click will summon the Option Window
* All the Features can be set in that tiny window
* Send message "/zbar" to open the option window if you can't find any tab.

You Should Konw

Free Style - when you layout buttons in free style, please hold "ctrl+alt+shift" fist, mouse enter button AFTER, if you see a box over the button then you can drag it or mouse wheel it. Enjoy!

Stick - If you drag the tab into any button, and Hold modifier keys at the same time, the bar will stick to that button. "Ctrl" will stick to Bottom, "Shift" stick to Right

Lite - Extra Bars Only - If you only want some extra buttons, then you should eable the mod "zBar2Lite", or if you don't know why no changes to default UI, you should disable the mod "zBar2Lite". Find it in addon control.

cyCircled - cyCircled is supported, make sure you download the latest version of cyCircled

Saves - Positions are saved in SavedVariable file. U can move it to some other Account to copy your options AND positions, remember to keep the same ui scale.(you can find this file in wowdir \ WTF \ Account \ account \ realm \ character \ SavedVariables \ zBar2.lua)

___/ Features \___

Auto Pop / Auto Hide

* AutoPop: Bar with this feature enabled will only be shown while inCombat or targeting on enemy
* AutoHide: Hide while inCombat or targeting on enemy
* you can put two bar at same place, one AutoPop, another AutoHide, then it'll work just like auto swich page.

Auto Page

* Hold alt key or has assitable target, the MainBar will switch to page 2.
* U could put healing spells or heal stone, potions, bandage into page 2

Simple Stick Sticky

* Drag tab into any button, hold modifier keys at the same time
* Ctrl: Stick to Bottom of target button
* Shift: Stick to Right of target button

Transparency and Minimize

* Drag "Alpha" slider will transparentize bar, recover when getting mouse focus
* Left click on tab will minimize bar, this state will not be saved

Layouts - Multi-Line and Special

* Set num of buttons per line will queue buttons as multi line
* Click radio buttons of "Layout" will get an special layout
1. Suite1: Predefined layout suite for variational num of buttons. Classic shapes.
2. Suite2: Another suite. Fancy shapes.
3. Circle: Ringed around. Set the "Button Spacing" slider to change radius.
4. Free: Move a button by hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and drag it. Scale it by Mouse Wheel.
5. Invert: Mirror the layout Horizontally, left to right, right to left.
Extra bar and Shadow bar

* Two Extra Bar, 24 Buttons, the page will choose by your class
* Shadow bar use the buttons that Extra bar thrown
* e.g. ExtraBar1 set button num to 7, then ShadowBar1 get 5 button
* To know how this gonna work, try change the num of buttons

Lite Mode and Customize

* Enable the mod "zBar2Lite" will make zBar2 into Lite Mode
* Lite Mode only have extra bar and shadow bar, No Changes to Default UI
* You can Customize which plugin to be load, please read the readme file

Mini XP bar

* A half size XP bar, movable, scaleable. Has all the feature of the original one
* The width can be changed by adjust "Num of Buttons"

Simple Cast bar

* Simply replaced texture and makes spell icon show on left. movable, scaleable
* Change "Num of Buttons" to hide the spell icon
* Set "Invert" to make spell icon show on the other side.

Bag packs and Key Ring

* Bag Bar sort it's buttons in reverse, Key Ring and Performance Bar show on left
* If Bag Bar only has one button left, the Key Ring will still show
* Thus you can keep the main bag pack with the key ring and performance bar on left

Possess Bar

* PossessBar shows when you contronl a mob
* It'll replace position of StanceBar
* Button 1 will switch actionpage to pet action, you can cast skill of the mob directly
* You should Bind a key on Button1, well I choose "Shift + `"
* Button 2 will cancel the Possess state

cyCircled support

* Please download the latest version : http://files.wowace.com/cyCircled/cyCircled.zip

Slash Command:

/zbar (show option window)/zbar resetall (reset all bars)