WTS following characters on Excalibur WoW server:

Account 1:
Prot pally

Full PVE prot pally, 2pc T6.5, 2 PC T6, BT shield, S4 wep,
16k HP unbuffed, 17k+ self buff!!!
Riding: 280% flying
Professions: 375 Engineering
Keys to all HC, exalted rep with most BC factions

Account 2:

full PVE lock, 2 pc T6, can do BT swp without problems,
has 3 pcs shadow resist gear
rep with BC factions
heroic keys
Professions: Herbalism/ Minning 375/375
225 riding
full merciless/vengeful pvp gear

Account 3:
warr tank

pve tank, can tank heroics no problem and pre BT raid content (T5)
no professions
rep with BC factions
heroic keys
some dps gear
225 riding

Account 4:

almost full bis pvp, missing only brutal wep shoulders and pants
7000+ arena points
44000+ honor points
Some BIS pve gear
maces, daggers, swords for pve and pvp
225 riding
keys to heroics
exalted with BC factions
full 375 leatherworking/ 375 jewelcrafting

Account 5:
Balance druid

6pc T6, [Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer], [The Skull of Gul’dan], some other great pieces and swp gear.
Shadow resist gear
Some resto and feral gear items as well
2 unused T6 tokens that you can trade for what spec you like
full tailoring/engineering (375/375), with recipes, even all shadow resist recipes available for crafting.
Rare mounts:
[Reins of the Raven Lord]
[Amani War Bear]
Exalted reputation with BC factions and keys to HC instances.

Accepting Paypal and Skrill payments,

send me a pm with the account you want to buy and we can discuss further from there or email me at [email protected]