Even since the beta, Battle for Azeroth has been plagued with lag and related issues. It wasn't an issue for everybody, but for those of us who had the problem it was a nightmare. But it was a beta and problems are to be expected.

Now that the game has finally released, sadly, the lag issues have not been completely resolved. Some of the problems are network based and Blizzard can't do anything to fix the Battle for Azeroth lag in those situations. In such cases your only solution is either change your ISP or get a subscription to a ping reducing service.

In my case, changing ISPs is not an option so I went for the trials of Kill Ping and Out Fox to see what works for me. So far both are giving me improved ping times but Out Fox is not as consistent. I'll be making a purchase decision after further testing of both.

But there are some problems that are built into the game and you can't do much to fix them. For those issues there are other workarounds to fix wow lag that you can try out and see if they work for you. Like the World of Warcraft loading mechanic, for instance.

The problem here is that when you start/launch the game, there is a delay between the server and the game client. You see this when you walk around or cast a spell etc and you are taken back where you were or the spell is cast after a delay. It takes a while for the game to load all the data and until it does there is a lot of lag. For this you should wait till the game finishes loading and then play around. How long this takes is dependent on your network connection.