Fugitive caught with the help of WoW

If you’ve committed a crime and are on the run from the law, the last thing you probably want to do is Tweet about it, or update your Facebook status to “totally just robbed that bank dude!”

But another social avenue, one millions are a part of, is no safe haven for fugitives either.

Howard County, Indiana Sheriff Department Deputy Matt Roberson was able to track down fugitive Alfred Hightower, wanted on drug charges by seeking the help of WoW-developer Blizzard Entertainment, to catch the poor sap.

According to Massively, Roberson learned of Hightower’s habits of playing World of Warcraft and sent a subpoena to Blizzard, which released Roberson’s IP address, allowing the Sheriff’s Department to pinpoint the perpetrator’s location in Canada.

Officers made the arrest and Hightower is currently being extradited to the U.S. where he’ll be the laughing stock of criminals everywhere.