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    Missing a private server movie


    I don't know if many of you watch Wow videos or Wow private server videos but about a year ago (yes, a year) I watched two nice private server movies (their names were just 'Private Server' and 'Private Server 2 'if I remember right, from video.google.com). The first movie started from Dwarf/Gnome starting place and he played gnome mage and did some nice stuff what people normally do in private servers. I'm not sure though if he played with the gnome the whole movie.

    The second movie started from Human starting place and in that he played male human paladin with full Judgement armor and Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. I think the movie was shorter than the first one.

    Now you may wonder why do I want to find this out. The reason is that I want to find out what songs he was using in those movies. I haven't been able to find them anywhere and I have checked really many private server videos from video.google and youtube.com but haven't found those two. Oh and yes, the music (or at least most of it) was trance (if that's the correct term :p). Too bad I can't give any better description of the movies. When I read it now, it would be a wonder if anyone could recognise a movie from those.

    I'm quite sure this wont get any replies but, well, this is the only thing I can do anymore :p.

    Hope this didn't go to wrong forum, I didn't really find a right place for this kind of post (I wonder why... :p).

    And yes, this is a weird post.

    [edit]And in one of the movies he killed Ragnaros' in the 'circle' so there were those hammers everywhere.

    And also, if you just know some songs from those movies, tell them too.[/edit]
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