This is the latest WOW World of Warcraft News about Patch 2.3.2
* /timetest is a command that can be run to provide information on game performance. /timetest 0 turns the command off. When the command is issued, the next time a player uses a flight master to travel, certain statistics will be measured and displayed at the end of that flight. All weather effects and spawns are shutdown during the test.
* Quest givers with blue question marks no longer show up on the minimap.
* NPC's who you have completed a quest for will display a question mark on mouseover rather than an exclamation point.
* The bank controls for the guildmaster level of a guild is now grayed out. A guildmaster always has full access to a guild bank and this cannot be changed.
* A "Withdraw-Repair Only" button has been added to the guild bank controls. If this is set for a guild rank, then that rank cannot actually withdraw funds from the guild bank, but they can still use that daily amount of money for repairs.
* You will now automatically stand up when attacked, even if the attack doesn??t land.
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