Those Tips of Wow World Of Warcraft Warriors are found in the WOW Forum, I only read the first few posts and already there are some beauties, I think we should get to 100 collectively fairly quickly. Here It Goes:
You can charge on enemys when falling from a high height. That will prevent you from taking damage when you land.
When being nuked in the arena, pop a spell reflect macro and intervene one of your healers. They will generally be standing out of range as much as possible.
Use a fast ranged weapon to pull when tanking, this to avoid pulling multiply groups, also tell your dpsers to wait a few secs if the group you attack got more than one mob that wont be cc'd.
remember to disarm hunters if you are close, so they cannot wingclip
Bind your keys so that the abilitys in the diffrent stances match simmalar abilitys ( intervene charge and intercept for example) to help you keep controll.
Charge a hunter and right away use Challenging Shout to force his pet to attack you.
You can also use taunt on warlock or mage pets to stop them nuking a healer.
Save intercept for deathcoil or just after a mage blinks, not before
Cooking Skill.
Get it. Level it. Love it. Especially with the expansion, a lot of good foods came our way. +20 Strenght anyone? +40 Attack Power? And all from eating a single thing for about 10 seconds. Boom.
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