As it's the end of the year, the 'best' and 'top' lists are starting to appear around the Internet. With that in mind, IGN have been collating their best 100 games list of all time. No easy task that's for sure, so they've put together a team of people from all around the globe to come up with this list.
While flicking through the page-load frenzy that makes up this list, I noticed something rather odd. Coming in at number 83, yes 83, you heard me right, is WoW World of Warcraft! Now I am not sure which numb-nuts they grabbed to put this list together but what a ridiculous placing, there's some real garbage in the positions above it and has WoW not redefined the MMORPG as we know it and attracted a whole host of gamers that may have never even thought of playing an MMORPG, or an online game at all for that matter?
Perhaps IGN hit the streets and grabbed the first person they saw from various street corners on every continent and got them to scribble down anything to put this list together, but really, 83! C'mon IGN get a grip!
If you would like to view the full version and discuss, visit the follow link:
WoW 83rd Best Game ever