A poster on salem-news.com wrote an article a couple of days ago, asking if anyone in his area was a WoW World Of Warcraft player, like him, as he would like to try to arrange a gathering of local players.
He comments on how WoW World Of Warcraft works just like any other social network, allowing people from all backgrounds to interact with each other.
For someone like myself who is physically disabled it is a way to go around and do things as well as the next guy can. It is a way to meet and interact with folks from all over the globe. You never know if the person you meet in the game is the next ruler of England or your next door neighbor.
There has been a lot of focus, especially lately, on how WoW World Of Warcraft is a bad thing in one way or another. It's nice to see evidence of it playing a positive role in at least a few people's lives.
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