have listed the top 5 MMORPG memorable moments in history - and WoW features in 2 of them!
The events in order of greatness are:
1. The Assasination of Lord British
10 years ago, Lord British was killed during a beta test for Ultima Online. Lord British's character was meant to be invulnerable, but due to human error - he forgot to set his invulnerable flag to "On" after a server crash - another player was able to kill him.
Each and every WoW player must know about this famous clip, about a guy who charges into a room and wipes an organised party who are still discussing strategies. Leeroy has made a name for himself off the back of this clip, becoming somewhat of a celebrity in the gaming world.
3. The Epic Heist - EVE Online
A huge in-game scam took place, involving a group making off with $16,500 worth of game items, and it was completely legal. The whole thing was written about in PC Gamer UK.
4. Plague Outbreak - World of Warcraft
A disease spread by the Zul'Gurub boss, Hakkar, manage to survive outside the instance, and spread rapidly through the population of WoW, killing off player's characters as they came into contact with anyone infected. Within hours, whole cities lay dead, resulting in Blizzard having to shut down the servers while they fixed the problem.
5. Death of the Sleeper - EverQuest
The top guilds assembled around 180 players to bring down Kerafyrm the Sleeper. He had between 100 million and 400 million hit points, and took nearly 3 hours to kill.
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