Question about a macro

This is a discussion on Question about a macro within the WoW forum board part of the Hot Games category; Ok well ive been tryin to make a macro. What its for is a item which opens up to a ...

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    Question about a macro

    Ok well ive been tryin to make a macro. What its for is a item which opens up to a menu with several options, then to more options. Is it possible to get a macro to select one of the options on the 2nd menu?

    As you noticed i suck at explaining, ill post some screen shots of what i mean if needed.

    Ok basicly i want it to do this

    Use this item

    This option

    and this one

    So would this be possible to get it to use the item, then open the menu option selected, then the next menu option? Or even Just use the menu options, since when i click 'Gold To VIP coin' it takes me back to the menu with 'VIP?'. Takes a lot of clicks to do this enough.
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