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    PVP Tips

    Well the most important thing in pvp is that you WILL NEVER BE master in just few week's, you need work and many bg's ofc.
    1)Get ready:
    -First of all i suggest you to stop being a clicker.
    -Macros and keybind -A NEED
    I mostly play in PVP as holy pally (and not i dont play a pally bcs is ovp, i play this class for more than 4 years okz.)
    1)Allways try to stay in group,
    2)If you are healer TRY TO HEAL, i have seen with me in bgs, many hpally that actually never heal they just HOLYSHOCKZ oposite faction, THAT IS WRONG,
    3) If you rly care about being in first place at kills do it smart.
    4)Try to heal as many targets as you can.
    5) NEVER WASTE A HEAL, if you gonna heal a target let's say X that is NUKED and you know it will be killed in few seconds and you can't save it DON'T DO IT.
    6)Don't go for the flag if someone better can do it.
    And now i think everyone with little brain can do this and it will be a +
    Here are few important things that are A NEED.
    1)If you rly want to win and be pro try to get a partener and speak with him on VENTRILO, MSN, SKYPE or any other chat program.
    2)Allways try to kite, without kiteing in arena is fail.
    3)As a healer NEVER go in free space,
    4)Allways use CLEANSE, CURE or any type of spell that can clean curses, poisons, ETC, this is VERY IMPORTANT.
    5)Try to enter in CC (if you are forced) as hard as you can,
    6) IN TIME THAT U FIGHT NEVER THINK ABOUT RATING, that may unimprove your match and you may lose.
    Now i will try to explain what to do against some classes.
    1) VS mele dps + shammy: clear shammy totems, attack the DPS untill it lose his mana, force him to CC.
    2) VS mele DPS +Hpally: as i said upper im a Hpally (holypaly) and i know as my class can't heal a NUKEDPS. soo try to force pally to CC, then just nuke dps, he wont keep the healing.
    3) VS MELE BURST DMG, well this is hard if you meet like RET PALLY + RET PALLY, here depends much of gear, but is suggest to try to CC pallys and nuke 1 target
    As you see CC, KITE, NUKE are most important things, also cooperate with your partener, il write more in few days.

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    Nice tips mate, thanks for sharing.
    I just want to notify that in bgs there aren't any important info you should know.
    If you are a healer in wsg you go with the others for the flag and you keep them alive, in ab you always go with some ppl who go together wherever they go and you heal them constantly, in eos you stay in a base as defensive force or you go with some people to capture a tower as offensive force, in av 1st: you stay in the towers until you capture them and after the towers you move with the offensive force towards the enemy factions base.
    as dps you just nuke everything and everyone, as a tank... well actually i don't know as a tank what you can do but i guess that you lead the offensive force and you try to taunt other players. :P
    As for arenas yeah the best is for you and your team mate to talk via vent, ts or some other chat system and the tactics for arena are totally different because there are 10 classes the combinations between them are to many.

    PvP is the easiest aspect of the game, the best thing you can do as a newly lvl 80 player is to start doing bgs, a lot of bgs for honor points, also you can (or better you must) do wintergrap as often as possible both offensive battle and defensive there a lot of nice rewards in wg that you can take and many of them are unique that means you can't find them and take them with honor points from the bgs.
    After you have gathered full PvP set (all armor slots filled up with items that give resilience) then you can try to do some practice arenas (it's like bgs with a random team mate for you with no rating at all) if you see that you can survive in those arenas you actually won most of them then you are ready to do some real arenas with rating.

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