Hord lvl & money guide

This is a discussion on Hord lvl & money guide within the WoW Guides board part of the WoW forum category; First off this is NOT MY WORK so in no way do i take credit for it. So here is ...

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    Hord lvl & money guide

    First off this is NOT MY WORK so in no way do i take credit for it.

    So here is the horde lvl & money guide:

    World of Warcraft
    Players Guide
    1. Introduction
    2. Gold Making
    3. Horde Leveling
    4. Conclusion
    Welcome to World of Warcraft, the most popular and successful MMO ever
    made. World of Warcraft is a wonder place to meet friends, socialize, and have fun.
    I hope you enjoy my guide and I wish you the best in your travels. Have fun!
    Gold Making
    There are many way to make gold in World of Warcraft. Most people think that
    the best way to make gold is to farm and grind mobs, but that is not very efficient at all. If
    you want to do that, I have included a section on it, but there are better ways. Just think
    about the real world. It’s not the people who do manual labor that get rich. Manual
    laborers that work for every penny they get and just use their bodies to do a job are like
    the players in WoW that kill mobs all day for their money. They do not use their brains
    very much and severely limit their income potentials. Here are the best ways that I know
    of for making gold in World of Warcraft.
    The Market
    No one makes more money than savvy marteteers, and you don’t need to have a
    high level character to do it. Low level characters (that are poor) can just focus on items
    that are less expensive but also have good margins (difference between the price you can
    buy something at and price you can sell it at) . First of all you need a couple of programs
    to help you in your endeavors. Go to Auctioneer addon for World of Warcraft to download Auctioneer
    and Enchantrix and also go to MMORPG News, Downloads, Videos, Screenshots, and Forums | Curse to get Fizzwidget’s Reagent Cost.
    Now create a new character on the same sever and faction that your main character is on,
    so you can mail stuff (like enchanted items that you can change if you would also like to
    make money on your alt through enchanting, which is very lucrative) back and forth
    between your characters. This character will be your market character. Get it to level 5
    and then take it to a popular city. You want to use Auctioneer to scan your factions
    Auction House everyday for a few days so you can build a market database. The best
    time to scan is in the morning when other marketers haven’t taken all of the good deals
    yet, but you can do it whenever as there area always good deals to be found. Keep an eye
    out for items that sell in high volume like crafting and quest items as those items are high
    in demand and you can focus on those as they usually have a good margin. All you need
    to do is sell items for a little bit more than you bought them for and your profits will add
    up. People are lazy and impatient and they want to sell their items quickly so they are
    willing to sell for less than they are actually worth. You want to be the person who buys
    these items from them so you can sell them at a better price. You want to make your
    order prices high enough so that they will get filled, but low enough so that you can sell
    the items you buy for more. List all your items for 24 hours. You can also make money
    buying all of the units for sale at the auction house of a particular items and selling them
    for a higher price, creating a monopoly. You can even buy items for cheaper bulk and
    then split them up into single units to sell them for more. Think of the possibilities. After
    you scan with Auctioneer, you should buyout the items that have atleast a 50% profit
    margin. Then you can bid on the items that are under listed by 50% or more. That’s
    basically all there is to it, get Auctioneer and try it out.
    Remember people, who cares about what your profession is as long as you make
    enough gold to be able to buy whatever you want. That said, gathering professions are
    where the most money comes from out of all the professions. You want to definitely have
    skinning as you can skin so many things and basically double your profits when questing
    and grinding, and either mining or herbalism, whichever you prefer but herbalism is more
    profitable. To level these skills just do them as you go about your business. Sell the items
    you gather. With skinning you can even skin other people’s kills, as most people don’t
    skin. It can be very profitable to run behind a high level group and skin all of their kills.
    For those of you who do want to grind here are the most lucrative spots. There are
    no super secrete uber grinding spots in wow, you should basically just go to a spot with
    mobs that are easy to kill and respawn fast. Most spots are balanced to give about the
    same rate of gold earned per hour, and if you find ones that’s out of balance, it will soon
    be nerfed. Lower level players should just focus on leveling so they can get up to the
    higher levels to grind for gold.
    Incendosaurs(level 47-50) in Searing Gorge- Kill them for their scales and make about
    25gold an hour.
    Browman Mill in the Eastern Plaguelands for level 57 and up characters– You can make
    30gold an hour here and more if you are lucky and get rare drops.
    Twilight Cultists in Silithus for level 58 and up characters- Sell the Twilight Texts they
    drop for about 20 gold and hour.
    Scorpids in Silithus for level 54 and up characters –Get their Glowing Scorpid Blood and
    sell them and the other drops for a nice rate.
    Tar Elementals in Un’Goro for level 50-55 characters – Kill them for their Living
    Essence and make about 20gold an hour. If you are a herbalist you can make a killing off
    of the herb spawns here. Skinners do well here.
    Water Elementals in the Eastern Plaguelands for level 56 and up characters – For their
    Essence of Water.
    Air Elementals in Silithus for level 56 and up characters – For their Essence of Air.
    Harpies in Thousand Needles for level 30 characters – Kill them for Vibrant Plumes and
    and Light Feathers.
    Defias in Westfall at 32.32 for level 13 characters- Kill them for their linen and make
    around 10gold an hour.
    Horde Leveling
    Remember to kill mobs as you run between quests and areas, grind if you aren’t at the
    level where the guide says you should be, and always loot! If you want to level fast you
    need to be fast! Always remember to carry lots of supplies and potions. This guide can be
    used with all classes. If you don’t know how to do a specific quest or need help, check
    here Thottbot: World of Warcraft or here Allakhazam.com: World of Warcraft. If you need help with
    finding a location go to MapWoW.com World of Warcraft Maps. Any time I list quest, do them in the
    order that I list them unless I say otherwise.
    1. Do all quests in Durotar in this order: Cutting Teeth, Sting On The Scorpid,
    Sarkoth, Vile Familiars, Galgar’s Cactus Apple Surprise, Lazy Peons, Burning
    Blade Medallion and Thazz’rill’s Pick.
    2. Then accept Report to Sen’jin Village and run over there and accept A Peon’s
    Burden and Thwarting Kolkar Aggression. Once there get all the quests
    3. Continue on to Razor Hill but kill enough mobs so that you are level 6 by the time
    you get there. Get these quests once you get there: Vanquish The Betrayers,
    Encroachment, Break A Few Eggs, Dark Storms, and Carry Your Weight.
    4. Do Vanquish the Betrayers and Carry Your Weight
    5. Open Benedicts Chest with the key you get from his body so you can get The
    Admirals Orders quest from the note inside.
    6. Go east of Tiragarde Keep and do A Solvent Spirit and From the Wreckage
    7. Go southwest of Razor Hill and do the first part of Encroachment
    8. You should be level 8 now, so go do Thwarting Kolkar Aggression.
    9. On to Echo Isles and do these quests: Break A Few Eggs, Practical Prey,
    Zalazane, and Minshina’s Skull.
    10. Turn in these quests at Sen’jin Village and then go back to Razor Hill and finish
    11. Go northwest to the hut and accept Lost But Not Forgotten.
    12. Get Winds in the Desert from the goblin and go do it.
    13. Grind until level 10.
    14. Go back to Razor Hill and turn in Encroachment.
    15. Go west and get Need For A Cure quest.
    16. Travel to Orgrimmar and go to thrall’s chamber to turn in Admirals Orders and
    get Hidden Enemies
    17. Get Finding the Antidote from Cleft of Shadow
    18. Now do Securing The Lines, Finding The Antidote, Lost But Not Forgotten, Dark
    Storms and turn them in.
    19. Get Margoz and then Skull Rock when you turn in Margoz.
    20. Do Skull Rock and Hidden Enemies and kill Gazz’uz to get Burning Shadows
    21. Get Neeru Fireblade quest when you turn in Skull Rock
    22. Go back to Orgrimmar and get the next part of Hidden Enemies
    23. Turn in Neeru Fireblade, Burning Shadows, and Hidden Enemies(and finally go
    to Thrall and turn this one in) at Cleft of Shadows and get Ak’Zeloth.
    24. Turn in Need For A Cure on your way back to Razor Hill
    25. Get Conscript of the Horde and then go west to the Barrens
    26. You should be level 12 now, if not, grind.
    27. Turn in Conscript of the Horde and Ak’Zeloth and get Crossroads Conscription
    28. Got to XRs, make it your home, get flight path, and accept all missions there.
    29. Do Disrupt The Attacks, Raptor Thieves, and Plainstrider Menace and get The
    Disruption Ends after you complete Disrupt The Attacks.
    30. Do Supplies For The Crossroads and The Disruption Ends.
    31. Get Samophlange, Wanted: Baron Longshore, Southsea Freebooters, Raptor
    Horns, and The Guns of North Watch from Ratchet.
    32. Go to the goblin on the docks and turn in Wharfmaster Dizzywig and get Miner’s
    33. Do Southsea Freebooters and Wanted: Baron Longshore and turn them in.
    34. Do The Missing Shipment and get Part 2, do it and get Stolen Booty and do it.
    35. Go back to XRs and turn it all your quests and get all the new ones, and especially
    turn in Plainstrider Menace and get The Zhevra.
    36. Get Kolkar Leaders and Centaur Bracers from the hut west of XRs.
    37. Do The Zhevra, Fungral Spores, The Forgotten Pools, Kolkar Leaders, Centaur
    Bracers, and Raptor Thieves, and Harpy Raiders and then head to Stonetalon
    38. Get Avenge My Village and Goblin Invaders
    39. Do Avenge My Village, turn it in, then Kill Grundig Darkcloud and turn it in.
    40. Go to the Barrens and the hut and turn in Kolkar Leaders and get Verog The
    41. If you haven’t already, finish The Zhevra, Raptor Thieves, The Forgotten Pools,
    and Fungral Spores.
    42. Go to XRs and get new quests.
    43. Do Apothecary Zamah and along the way do Lost In Battle.
    44. Get the flight path at Camp Taurajo.
    45. Once at Spirit Rise, get flight path the go back to XRs and turn in Lost In Battle.
    46. Do Prowlers Of The Barrens, Harpy Lieutenants, and Samophlange.
    47. Go to Sludge Fen and do Ignition, The Escape, and Miners Fortune.
    48. Go south to Ratchet and turn in Samophlange, The Escape, and Miners Fortune
    and do Verog The Dervish and The Stagnant Oasis.
    49. Back to XRs and turn in quests and get all the new ones.
    50. Do Serena Bloodfeather and Echeyakee.
    51. Back to XRs, turn in quests, and get Letter To Jin’Zil and The Angry
    52. Do The Angry Scytheclaws, Altered Beings, Raptor Horns, Tribes at War, Stolen
    Silver, and Consumed By Hatred.
    53. Go to Camp Taurajo and get Weapons of Choice.
    54. Turn in Tribes At War and get Blood Shards of Agamaggan(and turn it in) and
    Betrayal From Within.
    55. Do the Wailing Caverns Instance and then Grind Beats and Bristle Backs until
    level 20, and turn in your quests at XRs
    56. Now fly over to Orgrimmar and get The Ashenvale Hunt.
    57. Got to Ratchet after going back to XRs and turn in Raptors Horns to get
    Deepmoss Spider Eggs and also Ziz Frizziks.
    58. Do The Guns of North Watch and Free From The Hold, then them in and head to
    Stonetalon Mountians
    1. Go to Malaka’Jin and get Blood Feeders and Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic(by turning in
    2. Do Deepmoss Spider Eggs and Blood Feeders.
    3. Go to Windsheer Crag and turn in Ziz Frizziks to get Super Reaper 6000 and go
    do it along with Goblin Invaders and then turn them in and accept Further
    4. Go over to Sun Rock Retreat and make sure to get the flight path and
    Boulderslide Ravine and do it.
    5. Turn in Goblin Invaders and Blood Feeders and get Shredding Machines and The
    Elder Crone.
    6. Go to XRs and then north to Ashenvale while doing Report to Kadrak along the
    7. You should now be level 21 so go to Splintertree Post, get flight path and turn in
    The Ashenvale hunt.
    8. Now you can either grind until level 22 or you can go to Zoram Strand and do
    Naga At The Zoram Strand and Vorsha The Lasher.
    9. At level 22 go to CT and make it home. Get Ishamuhale by turning in Jorn
    10. Do Egg Hunt, Chen’s Empty Keg, Betrayal From Within, Weapons of Choice,
    Gann’s Reclamation(turn it in and get next part) and then turn them in at CT and
    get Betrayal From Within 2.
    11. Fly over to XR to turn in Betrayal From Within 2 and Egg Hunt. Do Ishamuhale
    and the go get Further Instructions 2 and turn in Deepmoss Spider Eggs and
    Chen’s Empty Keg.
    12. You should be level 23 so fly to Stonetalon Mountains from XRs (or grind until
    your 23).
    13. Go to Sun Rock Retreat, bind there, and turn in and accept all the quests that you
    can and make sure to get Earthen Arise.
    14. Now do Cenarius’ Legacy, Cycle of Rebirth and Jin’Zil’s Forest Magic.
    15. Turn them in along with Further Instructions 2, get New Life, Ordanus and
    Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle and do Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle and Shredding Machines
    and turn them in.
    16. Do Arachnophobia and Earthen Arise.
    17. Turn in quests and do Elemental War, New Life and Harpies Threaten, turn them
    in, and then fly over to CT and make it home.
    18. You should now be level 25.
    19. Get Enraged Thunder Lizards and A New Ore Sample after turning in
    20. Do Enraged Thunder Lizards and Revenge of Gann 1 and 2 and then heard over
    to Great Lift and turn in quests and get Message To Freewind Post.
    21. Run over to FP, get flight path, and accept Pacify The Centaur, Amak Grimtotem,
    Alien Egg, and Wind Rider.
    22. Do Pacify The Centaur, Test of Faith, A New Ore Sample, Alien Egg.
    23. You should now be at level 26 so go to Freewind Post to turn in Pacify The
    Centaur and Alien Egg and get Grimtotem Spying and Serpent Wild.
    24. Go to CT to turn in Washte Pawne, Enraged Thunder Lizards and A New ore
    Sample and get Cry of The Thunderhawk and then do it and turn it in.
    25. Go to Thunder Bluff, turn in Melor Sends Word and get Steelsnap and The Sacred
    26. You should now be level 26 so go back to Ashenvale by way to flight and make it
    27. Accept all the quests there and then start doing them all.
    28. Turn in all the competed quests at Splintertree Post.
    29. Fly to Zoram Strand and turn in quests. Do Between A Rock And A Thislefur and
    Troll Charm and turn them in then go back to SP.
    30. You should now be level 27 so do Ordanus and Satyr Horns then fly back over to
    Stonetalon Mountains, turn in quests and make it home.
    31. Accept, do and turn in Bloodfury Bloodline.
    32. Make a quick flight over to Thunder Bluff to get The Sacred Flame 2 and then
    continue on to Thousand Needles and bind there.
    33. Get Sacred Flame 3 and go do it.
    34. Go to Whitereach Post to get Wind Rider, Sacred Fire, Steelsnape and Homeward
    Bound then go back to Freewind Post.
    35. Turn in Wind Rider and Sacred Flame and head to Thunder Bluff. Turn in quests
    and get Frostmaw and Arikara.
    36. Now fly over to Thousand Needs and do Arikara, Grimtotem Spying, Amak
    Grimtotem, and Free At Last.
    37. Turn in Arikara at Whitereach Post.
    38. You should now be level 29, so do Hypercapacitor Gizmo and Protect Kanati
    39. Back to Freewind Post to turn in completed quests, then fly to Orgrimmar and
    make it home.
    40. Go to UC and then to Tarren Mill and get flight path. Get Time To Strike, Elixir
    of Pain, and Helcular’s Revenge.
    41. Now grind until level 30 and then move on to Alterac Mountains.
    1. Now that your in Alterac Mountains do Elixir of Pain, charge the Flame of Uzel,
    kill Frostmaw.
    2. Go to Southshore and put the rod into Helcular’s grave.
    3. Turn in Elixir of Pain and get The Hammer May Fall at Tarren Mill.
    4. Do The Hammer May Fall and then go to Hammerfall, turn it in, get flight path,
    and get Rising Spirits and do parts 1,2, and 3.
    5. Go to XRs, bind, and get The Swarm Grows and The Kolkar of Desolace.
    6. Got to Ratchet and take the boat to Stranglethorn Vale and BB, get the flight path
    when you get there.
    7. Go to Grom’gol, get the flight path, and do all the hunt quests like Panther
    Mastery, Tiger Mastery, and Raptor Mastery.
    8. You will be level 31 now so go to Shimmering Flats.
    9. Get Hemet Nesingwary and Warfmaster Dizzywig and do Hardened Shells, A
    Bump In The Road, Load Lightening, Salt Flat Venom and Rocket car parts and
    turn them in.
    10. Then get Martek The Exiled and Goblin Sponsorship.
    11. You will be level 32 now so go to Tanaris to get the flight path there.
    12. Go to Orgrimmar and get Alliance Relations 1 then 2 and turn in The Swarm
    Grows. Take the flight paths to Stonetalon Mountains and then go to Desolace.
    13. You need to get The Corrupter quest so go to Thunder Axe Fortress and kill mobs
    until you find Flayed Demon Skin. Then do Kodo Roundup.
    14. Go to Ghost Walker Post to get Khan Dez’hepah when you turn in The Kolkar of
    Desolace. Also get an alliance quest, Alliance Relations again, Befouled by Satyr,
    The Corrupter 2, and The Burning Spirits.
    15. Do them like this > Befouled Satyr, The Corrupter 2, Khan Dez’hepah, Centaur
    Bounty and Gelkis Allaince and turn them in and get all the new quests.
    16. Go to Shadowprey Village and get all the quests there and along the way get
    Stealing Supplies and turn in Gelkis Alliance, make it home when you get there.
    17. Do Claim Bait and get Claim Rackmore’s Treasure and Sceptre of Light.
    18. Do Sceptre of Light, The Burning of Spirits, Hand of Iruxos and then turn in
    Sceptre of Light and get Book of The Ancients.
    19. Now do Calm Bait, Other Fish To Fry, Book of The Ancients, The Corrupter 3,
    and Claim Rackmore’s Treasure.
    20. Turn in quests and get Bone Collector. Head to Ghost Walker Post and turn in
    quests and get all the new ones that are offered.
    21. Do Bone Collector, Centaur Bounty, and Stealing Supplies and turn them in. Go
    back to Shadowprey Village and turn in all quests.
    22. You are now level 34, get Ongeku. Go to CT and then to Dust Wallowmarsh.
    23. Go to the Shady Rest Inn and get the three quest objects. Head to Brackenwall
    Village and turn in these three objects.
    24. Go to Ratchet to turn in quests and get new ones, then go back to BB with the
    boat and get the quests there. Go to Grom’gol and get the quests there.
    25. Turn in quests and get Headhunting and The Defense of Grom’gol and part 2 after
    you turn it in.
    26. You are now level 35.
    27. Do The Vile Reef and Headhunting and then head to Nesingwary’s Expedition
    and get new quests. The go to Grom’gol and get Trollbane there.
    28. Go to BB and turn in quests, get new ones (Goblin Sponsorship 3).
    29. You are now level 36, go to Grom’gol, take the zeppelin to Undercity and get To
    Steal From Thieves there.
    30. Fly to Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands and bind there.
    31. Turn in Trollbane and get Foul Magics, Guile of The Raptor, Call To Arms, and
    The Princess Trapped (outside Hammerfall) and do The Princess Trapped, turn it
    in and get Stones of Binding.
    32. Go to Hammerfall and turn in and accept Call To Arms.
    33. Do Stones of Binding, To Steal From Thieves, Call To Arms, Guide of The
    Raptor, Foul Magics. Go to Stormguard and turn in Stones of Binding.
    34. Go to Hammerfall and turn in quests, then do Stormguard quests.
    35. When you are finished, go to Tarren Mill and get Stone Tokens and Prison Break
    In and then do them. Turn them in and get Bracers of Binding and Dalaran Patrols
    and go do them and turn them in.
    36. Fly to UC and turn in To Steal From Theives. Take the zeppelin back to
    Orgrimmar and trun in Alliance Relations. Fly to XRs then Freewind Post.
    37. Go to Shimmering Flats and The Swarm Grows 2. Turn in and get quests from the
    goblin. Do Parts of the Swarm and The Swarm Grows 2.
    38. Go to XRs, turn in quests, and then head to Dustwallow Marsh.
    39. At Dustwallow Marsh, Brackenwall Village, and the surrounding area get and do
    The Black Shield, Theramore Spies, Hungry!, The Lost Report, Jarl Needs Eyes,
    Jarl Needs A Blade, Strinky’s Escape, The Severed Head, and The Theramore
    Docks while grinding along the way.
    40. You should now be almost level 39, so make sure you get The Troll Witchdoctor
    after doing The Severed Head. Go to Ratchet, turn in Stinky’s Escape, and then
    head to BB.
    41. Get Scaring Shaky, Venture Company Mining, and The Bloodsail Buccaneers.
    42. Fly over to Grom’gol and get Mok’thardin’s Enchantment. Get Marg Speaks by
    turning in The Troll Witch Doctor.
    43. Now do Mok’thardin’s Enchantment Jungle Stalkers Raptor Mastery.
    44. You are now level 39 so do Venture Company Mining and Mok’thardin’s
    Enchantment 3.
    45. Do Panther and Raptor Elite Mastery Quests but stop at Tethis.
    46. Go to BB, turn in quests, and then do Mok’thardin’s Enchantment 3, The
    Bloodsail Buccaneers and Scaring Shaky.
    47. Turn in quests, complete Bloodsail Buccaneers, and get Return to MacKinley, and
    turn it in.
    48. Turn in Bloodsail Bucaneers and then go to Grom’gol. Turn in Mok’thardin’s
    Enchantment and then grind to level 40 on ballisks.
    49. Zeppelin to Undercity, go to Hammerfall and then…
    50. On to the Badlands.
    1. Grind and quest your way all over the Badlands. You want to do this until you are
    level 41. Just have fun, explore, do all the quests, get flight paths, and kill
    2. At 41, return to Grom’gol and then head to Swamp of Sorrows. Do Nothing But
    The Truth along the way and accept it again.
    3. Now do Dream Dust In The Swamp, Nothing But The Truth, kill Cudgel which
    triggers Noboru The Cudgel, turn it in and get Draenethyst Crystals.
    4. Go to Stonard, get flight path, and make it home.
    5. Get Lack of Surplus and Fresh Meat. Turn in Report To Helgrum to get Pool of
    Tears. Do these quests (except Fresh Meat) including Nothing But The Truth,
    Ongeku and Draenethyst Crystals.
    6. Turn in Lack of Surplus 2 and receive Threat From The Sea. Do this and Fresh
    Meat and then after your turn in Threat From The Sea do Continued Threat.
    7. Turn in quests and get The Atal’ai Exile.
    8. You are now level 42, go to Grom’gol.
    9. Get Mok’thardin’s Enchantment 4 and Split Bone Necklace. Head to BB, bind
    there, and get all the quests you can there and turn in Dream Dust In The Swamp.
    10. The do these quests together: The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Keep An Eye Out, Up
    To Snuff.
    11. The these: Akiris By The Bundle, Mok’thardin’s Enchantment 4.
    12. And these: Zanzils Secret, Voodoo Dues
    13. These: Splitbone Necklace, Skullsplitter Tusks.
    14. Go back to BB and turn in quests.
    15. Go to Grom’gol and trun in Mok’thardin’s Enchantment 4 and Splitbone
    Necklace while picking up Grim Message.
    16. Go to Orgrimmar on the Zeppelin and then to Thunder Bluff.
    17. Get Deadmire and turn in Frostmaw.
    18. Go to Desolace and Shadowprey Village. Get Portal of The Legion and turn in
    Ongeku. Do The Corrupter and Portal of The Legion and turn them in.
    19. Go to Dustwallow Marsh by way of TB.
    20. You are now level 43. Get Identifying The Brood and Questioning Reethe. Do
    Questioning Reethe along with Deadmire, Marg Speaks, and then head back to
    Brackenwall. Turn in quests and get The Brood of Onyxia. Do it, and turn in
    Marg Speaks.
    21. Get Report to Zor and then fly to Tanaris.Got to Gadgetzan and get the wanted
    quests, Andre Firebeard and Caliph Scorpidsting.
    22. Turn in Tran’Rek and get Gadgetzan Water Survey, Wastewander Justice, and
    Water Pouch Bounty.
    23. Go to Steamwheedle Port and get Screecher Spirits, Stoley’s Shipment, Southsea
    Shakedown and Pirate Hats Ahoy!.
    24. Do Water Pouch Bounty, Wastewander Justice, Pirate Hats Ahoy!, Southsea
    Shakedown, Stoley’s Shipment, Ship Schedules and Andre Firebeard.
    25. Go to Gadgetzan and turn in more quests to get More Water Wander Justice.
    26. Do Gadgetzan Water Survey, turn it in, and go to Steamwheedle Port. Turn in
    quests and get Return to MacKinley. Now do Caliph Scorpidsting and More
    Wastewander Justice. Turn them in at Gadgetzan.
    27. You are now level 44. Head to Feralas from Freewind Post.
    28. Go to Camp Mojache, get flight path, and get all the quests offered.
    29. Do War On The Woodpath, The Ogres of Feralas, A New Cloak’s Sheen and
    Gordunni Cobalt. Turn them in and get new quests.
    30. Do Alpha Strike, Woodpaw Investigation, A Grim Discovery and then turn them
    in and get new ones.
    31. Do Stinglasher, Zukk’ash Infestation, Screecher Spirits, The Ogres of Feralas,
    Dark Ceremony, The Mark of Quality and then turn them in, get new ones.
    32. You might want to consider getting the gold to buy your mount now.
    33. Go to Orgrimmar and turn in Zukk’ash Report, get Ripple Recovery from Dran,
    turn it in, get it again, turn in Parts of The Swarm, A Grim Discovery and get
    Betrayed from Belgrom.
    34. Go to Cleft of Shadow and turn in quests and get Return To Witch Doctor Uzer’i.
    35. Turn in Report to Zor and complete Service To The Horde.
    36. Go to Valley of Spirits and turn in The Gordunni Orb.
    37. Back to Feralas to turn in Return To Witch Doctor Uzer’I and get new quests.
    38. Do Natural Materials and Testing The Vessel.
    39. You are now level 46. Return to Camp Mojache and turn in Natural Materials to
    get The Sunken Temple.
    40. Head to Thunderbluff and turn in Deadmire.
    41. Fly over to XRs, Splintertree Post, and then to Azshara.
    42. Accept, do and turn in A Land Filled With Hated and also Spiritual Unrest.
    43. Run to Valormok to get flight path and turn in Betrayed. Go to Orgrimmar and
    then to Undercity.
    44. Go the the magic quarter and get Line of Communication and then to the
    apothecarium and get Errand For Apothecary Zinge and Seeping Corruption.
    45. Do Errand, turn it in, and get Into The Field.
    46. Go to Tarren Mill and then into the Hinterlands.
    47. Go to 25.47 to get A Sticky Situation and turn in Ripple Recovery.
    48. Go to 77.80 which is Revantusk Village and get flight path.
    49. Get Cannibalistic Cousins, Message To The Wildhammer, Vilebranch Hooligans,
    Stalking The Stalkers, Avenging The Fallen, and Hunt The Savages.
    50. Do Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog, Vilebranch Hooligans, Cannibalistic Cousins, A
    Sticky Situation, Stalking The Stalkers, Testing The Vessel, Hunt The Savages,
    Avenging The Fallen, Line of Communication, Message To The Wildhammer,
    Rin’ji Trapped at 32.48, continued at 86.59 and get Rin’ji’s Secret, and do Grim
    Message and along the way get Venom Bottles.
    51. Back to Revantusk Village to turn in quests.
    52. Now go to Tarren Mill to turn in Venom Bottles and get Undamaged Venom Sac.
    53. Back to Hinterlands to get Return To Fel’Zerul and do Undamaged Venom Sac
    and The Atal’ai Exile.
    54. Back to TM to turn in Undamaged Venom Sac and then off to Undercity.
    55. Go to the magic quarter to turn in Rin’ji’s Secrete, Lines of Communication, and
    Oran’s Gratitude.
    56. Zeppelin off to Grom’gol.
    57. You are now level 47.
    58. Do Raptor Mastery Tethis and Big Game Hunter after and turn them in.
    59. Turn in Grim Message in Grom’gol.
    60. Fly over to BB and turn to Whiskey Slim’s Lost Grog and get The Bloodsail
    Buccaneers 5.
    61. To do Message In A Bottle go to the east of BB and find a bottle on the shore,
    then turn in the quest at 38.82.
    62. Do The Bloodsail Buccanners 5 to get Cortello’s Riddle along the way. Go back
    to BB and turn it in
    63. Go to Kargath in the Badlands and then to Searing Gorge.
    64. Turn in Caught! to get Ledger From Tanaris and also get Goodsteel Ledger from
    the outhouse.
    65. Do Ledger From Tanaris.
    66. Go to Torium Point, get flight path, get all the quests offered.
    67. Do Curse These Fat Fingers, Firey Menace!, Smithing Tuyere, The Flawless
    Flame and Forging The Shaft after you turn it in, Culling The Competition, What
    The Flux?, Incendosaurs?, and The Key To Freedom.
    68. Now go to Burning Steppes, get flight path, and then go to Stonard in the Swamp
    of Sorrows.
    69. You are now level 48.
    70. Get Fallen Hero of The Horde and The Disgraced One.
    71. Do Cortello’s Riddle and get part 2, and do The Disgraced One.
    72. Turn in The Disgraced One and Return To Fel’Zerul to get The Missing Orders.
    73. Turn in The Missing Orders and get The Swamp Talker and then do it.
    74. No kill Jarquia at 90.45 to progress in Ledger Form Tanaris.
    75. Turn in The Swamp Talker and then get and do A Tale Of Sorrow.
    76. Go to Grom’gol and then zeppelin to Orgrimmar so you can continue on to
    Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh.
    77. Go to 50.51 and get Overdue Package.
    78. Go to 30.65 Bloodfen Burrow to do Cortello’s Riddle and get part 2.
    79. Go back to Brackenwall Village and then to Tanaris to turn in Ledger From
    Tanaris and Into The Field. Get and do Slake That Thirst.
    80. Go to Feralas. Turn in Testing The Vessel and get Hippogryph Muisek, get Dark
    Heart, Improved Quality, and Vengeance On The Northspring.
    81. Do Hippogryph Muisek and then go to Camp Mojache to turn it in and get Faerie
    Dragon Muisek, do it, then turn it in for Treant Muisek, do it, and turn it in for
    Mountian Giant Muisek. Go to 42.44 and get Zapped Gaints.
    82. Now do Improved Quality, Vengeance On The Northspring, Perfect Yeti Hide,
    Dark Heart, Mountian Giant Muisek, and Zapped Giants.
    83. Turn in quests and then back to Camp Mojache. Turn in quests and get Weapons
    of Spirit, do it and turn it in. Get The Strength of Corruption.
    84. Go To Tanaris and then Gadgetzan.
    85. Get Super Sticky, The Thirsty Goblin, Noxious Lair Investigation, The Dunemaul
    Compound, and Thistleshrub Valley.
    86. Go to 51.47 to turn in The Sunken Temple and get Gahz’ridian and The Stone
    87. Now do Gahz’ridian, The Dunemaul Compound, Noxious Lair Investigation, The
    Thirsty Goblin, Thistleshrub Valley, Screetcher Spirits, and Tooga’s Quest.
    88. Go to Gadgetzan to turn in The Thirsty Goblin, get In Good Taste, do it and get
    Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient. Turn in all your other quests and get The
    Scrimshank Redemption.
    89. Now do Tanaris Field Sampling and Scrimshank Redemption and then come back
    and turn them in.
    90. Get Return To Apothecary Zinge and Insect Part Analysis. Do Insect Part
    Analysis until you are offered Rise of The Silithid.
    91. You are now level 50.
    1. Go to Azshara by way of Orgrimmar.
    2. Get Stealing Knowledge and do it along with Seeping Corruption. Turn in
    Stealing Knowledge and get the delivery quests.
    3. Do Delivery To Archmage Xylem to get Xylem’s Payment To Jediga.
    4. Go to Orgrimmar to turn in Rise of The Silithid and get March of The Silithid.
    Also turn in Delivery To Jes’rimon and get Jes’rimon’s Payment To Jediga and
    Bone-Bladed Weapons. Turn in Ripple Delivery.
    5. Go to Undercity to do Andron Grant Delivery Quest, and get Andron’s Payment
    To Jediga. Turn in Return To Apothecary Zinge and Seeping Corruption to get
    Vivian Lagrave.
    6. Complete Seeping Corruption all the way and then get A Sample Of Slime and a
    Batch Of Ooze.
    7. Go To Raventusk Village in Hinterlands.
    8. Get Gammerita, Mon!, Snapjaws, Mon!, and Lard Lost His Lunch. Do the Mon!
    9. Go to 80.48 and do Cortello’s Riddle.and Lard Lost His Lunch.
    10. Turn in quests and then Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient.
    11. Go back to Orgrimmar and then to Azshara. Turn in quests then head to Ratchet.
    12. Get Stone Circle and Volcanic Activity. Go to BB and then to Stonard and finally
    into the Blasted Lands.
    13. Do Snickerfang Jowls, A Boar’s Vitality, The Basilisk’s Bite, Vulture’s Vigor,
    and The Decisive Striker. Turn them in.
    14. Go back to Tanaris to turn in March of The Silithid for Bungle In The Jungle,
    Sprinkle’s Secrete Ingredient for Delivery For Marin and then do it and get
    Noggenfogger Elixir and do it. Also turn in The Stone Circle near 50.44.
    15. Go to Un’Goro Crater.
    16. You are now level 51.
    17. Go to around 65.75 and get The Apes of Ungoro and The Fare of Lar’Korwi and
    do this one.
    18. Do Super Sticky until you get A Mangled Journal to drop.
    19. Go to Marshal’s Refuge and get all the quests offered and turn in Williden’s
    20. Do Super Stocky, Crystals of Power, The Apes of Un’Goro, Beware of
    Pterrordax, Larion and Muigin, Roll The Bones, Expedition Salvation, and A
    Batch Of Ooze.
    21. Turn in quests and get The Mighty U’cha and The Scent of Lar’korwi.
    22. Now do The Scent of Lar’korwi, Bone-Bladed Weapons, It’s A Secret To
    Everybody, Bungle In The Jungle, Alien Ecology, Finding The Source, Volcanic
    Activity, and Lost.
    23. Go back to Marshal’s Refuge, turn in quests and get all the new ones offered.
    24. Now do The Northern Pylon, The Mighty U’cha, The Eastern Pylon, and The Bait
    For Lar’korwi. Turn in The Bait For Lar’korwi and The Mighty U’cha and turn in
    Fining The Source and get The New Springs. Do The Western Pylon and Making
    Sense Of It.
    25. Back to Marshal’s Refuge to turn in quests. Go to Cenarion Hold and get Flight
    26. Go to Tanaris to turn in Bungle In The Jungle and Super Sticky. Go to Thunder
    Bluff and then to Elder Rise.
    27. Get Un’goro Soil, do it, get Morrowgrain Research and do it and turn it in.
    28. Go to Ratchet to turn in Marvon’s Workshop and Volcanic Activity.
    29. Go to Kargath to turn in Vivian Lagrave and get The Rise of The Machines and
    Dreadmaul Rock.
    30. You are now level 52, go to Burning Steppes.
    31. Get Brooding Essence and Tablet of The Seven and do them along with
    Dreadmaul Rock and The Rise Of The Machines. Turn them in and get Felnok
    32. Go to Kargath to turn in Krom’Grul and get Rise of The Machines 2 after you
    turn it in and then do part 2.
    33. You are now level 53. Go to Azshara and get Betrayed, Courser Antlers, and
    Kim’jael Indeed! and then do them.
    34. Turn them in and get Kim’jaels Missing Equipment and Wavethrashing then do
    35. Go to Azshara to turn in quests and get Betrayed.
    36. You are now level 54.
    37. Go to Orgrimmar to turn in Betrayed and Bone-Bladed Weapons then go to
    Felwood by way of Splintertree Post.
    38. At Felwood get Verifying The Corruption, Forces of Jaedenar, Cleansing
    Felwood and The Strength of Corruption.
    39. Move on to Blood Venom Post, get flight path, and get A Husband’s Last Battle,
    Wild Guardians, Deadwood of The North, and Well of Corruption.
    40. Do Cleansing Felwood, Verifying The Corruption, and The Strength of
    41. Go to Winterspring and get Winterfall Activity and then head to Donova
    Snowden. Turn in the New Springs and It’s A Secrete To Everybody and get
    Strange Sources, and Threat of The Winderfall.
    42. Head to Everlook and get The Everlook Report, Duke Nicholas, Are We There
    Yeti?, and Sister Pamela. Also turn in Felnok Steelspring and get Chillwind
    43. Get Strange Sources from Darkwhisper Gorge. Then do Are We ThereYeti?,
    Threat of The Winderfall, Winterfall Firewater, Chillwind Horns, Wild
    Guardians, and after these Falling To Corruption.
    44. Turn in quests and get new ones at Everlook. Do Winterfall Activity and finish
    Are We ThereYeti?.
    45. You are now level 55. Go to Felwood.
    46. Turn in quests and get Wild Guardians 2, Salve Via Hunting, and Collecting The
    Corrupt Water.
    47. Do A Husband’s Last Battle, Well of Corruption, Salve Via Hunting, and
    Collection of The Corrupt Water,
    48. Go to Bloodvenom Post, turn in quests and get Corrupted Sabers, do it and turn it
    49. Do Deadwood of the North and Falling To Corruption and get Mystery Goo.
    50. Turn in Deadwood of The North, Winterfall Activity, and Mystery Goo.
    51. Go to Feralas and turn in The Strength of Corruption.
    52. Go to Tanaris to do Are We There Yeti 3 and then go to Silithus.
    53. Get Securing The Supply Lines, The Twilight Mystery and Deadly Desert
    Venom. Do them and go get new quests.
    54. Now do The Twilight Mystery, Noogle’s Last Hope, Stepping Up Security. Turn
    them in and get new quests.
    55. Do Noogle’s Lost Satchel and The Deserter and then go back to Cenarion Hold
    and turn in Lost Satchel.
    56. Go to Un’Goro Crater and Marshal’s Refuge. Do more Are We There Yeti 3.
    57. Go to Undercity and finish A Sample of Slime and A Batch of Ooze. Get A Call
    To Arms: The Plaguelands (turn it in at Bulwark).
    58. Go to Bulwark and turn in quests. Get Scarlet Diversions, Argent Dawn
    Commission, and A Plague Upon Thee.
    59. Go to Western Plaguelands and get Better Late Than Never and do it all.
    60. Do Scarlet Diversions and then head over to Bulwark and turn it in. Get All Along
    The Watchtowers and The Scourge Cauldrons and do them all. Complete Mission
    61. You are now level 56. Go to Eastern Plaguelands.
    62. Get Demon Dogs, Carrion Grubbage, and Blood Tinged Skies.
    63. Get To Kill With Purpose and UnLife’s Little Annoyances at 25.75.
    64. Go to Darrowshire and do Blood Tinged Skies, Demon Dogs, Carrion Grubbage,
    Sister Pamela, and Pamela’s Doll(and after Auntie Marlene and Uncle Carlin).
    65. Go to Light’s Hope Chapel at 80.60 and get flight path.
    66. Get The Relentless Souls, Zaeldarr The Outcast and Defenders of Darrowshire
    after turning in Duke Nicholas and Uncle Carlin.
    67. Do Defender’s Of Darrowshire, To Kill With Purpose, Demon Dogs, Carrion
    Grubbage, UnLife’s Little Annoyances, A Plague Upon Thee, The Restless Souls,
    and Augustus Receipt Book.
    68. Turn in quests and get Redemption and do that along with Zaeldarr The Outcast,
    turn it in, and go to Under City.
    69. Turn in Better late Than Never, do The Jeremiah Blues and get Good Luck
    70. You are now level 57.
    71. Return to Bulwark, return quests and get A Plague Upon Thee 2, Two Halves
    Become One, and Unfinished Business and go do them all the way.
    72. Do The Wildfire Suffers Too quest chain and stop with Glyphed Oaken Branch
    73. Turn in Auntie Marlene and get A Strange Historian and go do it.
    74. Go to Andorhal and do All Along The Watchtowers.
    75. Turn in A Strange Historian and get A Matter of Time and The Annals of
    Darrowshire and do them along with All Along The Watchtowers.
    76. Turn them in and get Counting Out Time and Brother Carlin. Do them.
    77. Back to Bulwark to turn in A Plague Upon Thee 3, All Along The Watch Towers,
    and Scholomance and get Skeletal Fragments and do it in Andorhal.
    78. Go back to Bulwark and turn in Skeletal Fragments.
    79. You are now level 58.
    80. Go to Winterspring and Everlook. Turn in Yeti? 3 and get Ursius of The
    Shardtooth and Luck Be With You.
    81. Do Luck Be With You then go to Everlook. Turn in Luck and Ursius and then get
    Brumeran of The Chillwind and do it along with Wild Guardians 2.
    82. Go to Everlook and turn in quests.
    83. Go to Bloodvenom Post in Felwood. Turn in Wild Guardians 3 and Guarding
    Secretes and get part 2.
    84. Go to Elder Rise by way of XRs and Thunderbluff. Turn in Guarding Secretes 2
    and Glyphed Oaken Branch.
    85. You are now level 59.5 at least, grind to level 60, Owl Wing Thicket is a good
    READ THE FORUMS AT WORLDOFWARCRAFT.COM. You need to keep up with
    what is going on in WoW, because the world of constantly changing. Anything worth
    knowing will always be posted on the forums at some point, so just keep looking.
    Thank you for reading my guide and I wish you the best of luck.
    Disclaimer- This document is protected by copyright law U.S. Code 17 and is owned
    exclusively by the authors. Under no circumstance may it be copied, sold, or distributed
    without express written permission of the authors.
    Use the information in this guide at your own risk. Under no circumstance shall the
    authors be liable for possible damages or losses, direct or indirect, from the use of
    software, information, and material contained within. The authors are not employed or
    otherwise related to Blizzard or World of Warcraft and this information reflects the
    author’s own opinion and experience. World of Warcraft is a trademark of Blizzard

    Also see Ally Levelling & gold guide
    Have fun Levelling
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