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    Ally gold & levelling guide

    This is NOT MY WORK and in no way do I take credit

    World of Warcraft
    Players Guide
    1. Introduction
    2. Gold Making
    3. Alliance Leveling Guide
    4. Conclusion
    Welcome to World of Warcraft, the most popular and successful MMO ever
    made. World of Warcraft is a wonder place to meet friends, socialize, and have fun.
    I hope you enjoy my guide and I wish you the best in your travels. Have fun!
    Gold Making
    There are many way to make gold in World of Warcraft. Most people think that
    the best way to make gold is to farm and grind mobs, but that is not very efficient at all. If
    you want to do that, I have included a section on it, but there are better ways. Just think
    about the real world. It’s not the people who do manual labor that get rich. Manual
    laborers that work for every penny they get and just use their bodies to do a job are like
    the players in WoW that kill mobs all day for their money. They do not use their brains
    very much and severely limit their income potentials. Here are the best ways that I know
    of for making gold in World of Warcraft.
    The Market
    No one makes more money than savvy marteteers, and you don’t need to have a
    high level character to do it. Low level characters (that are poor) can just focus on items
    that are less expensive but also have good margins (difference between the price you can
    buy something at and price you can sell it at) . First of all you need a couple of programs
    to help you in your endeavors. Go to Auctioneer addon for World of Warcraft to download Auctioneer
    and Enchantrix and also go to MMORPG News, Downloads, Videos, Screenshots, and Forums | Curse to get Fizzwidget’s Reagent Cost.
    Now create a new character on the same sever and faction that your main character is on,
    so you can mail stuff (like enchanted items that you can change if you would also like to
    make money on your alt through enchanting, which is very lucrative) back and forth
    between your characters. This character will be your market character. Get it to level 5
    and then take it to a popular city. You want to use Auctioneer to scan your factions
    Auction House everyday for a few days so you can build a market database. The best
    time to scan is in the morning when other marketers haven’t taken all of the good deals
    yet, but you can do it whenever as there area always good deals to be found. Keep an eye
    out for items that sell in high volume like crafting and quest items as those items are high
    in demand and you can focus on those as they usually have a good margin. All you need
    to do is sell items for a little bit more than you bought them for and your profits will add
    up. People are lazy and impatient and they want to sell their items quickly so they are
    willing to sell for less than they are actually worth. You want to be the person who buys
    these items from them so you can sell them at a better price. You want to make your
    order prices high enough so that they will get filled, but low enough so that you can sell
    the items you buy for more. List all your items for 24 hours. You can also make money
    buying all of the units for sale at the auction house of a particular items and selling them
    for a higher price, creating a monopoly. You can even buy items for cheaper bulk and
    then split them up into single units to sell them for more. Think of the possibilities. After
    you scan with Auctioneer, you should buyout the items that have atleast a 50% profit
    margin. Then you can bid on the items that are under listed by 50% or more. That’s
    basically all there is to it, get Auctioneer and try it out.
    Remember people, who cares about what your profession is as long as you make
    enough gold to be able to buy whatever you want. That said, gathering professions are
    where the most money comes from out of all the professions. You want to definitely have
    skinning as you can skin so many things and basically double your profits when questing
    and grinding, and either mining or herbalism, whichever you prefer but herbalism is more
    profitable. To level these skills just do them as you go about your business. Sell the items
    you gather. With skinning you can even skin other people’s kills, as most people don’t
    skin. It can be very profitable to run behind a high level group and skin all of their kills.
    For those of you who do want to grind here are the most lucrative spots. There are
    no super secrete uber grinding spots in wow, you should basically just go to a spot with
    mobs that are easy to kill and respawn fast. Most spots are balanced to give about the
    same rate of gold earned per hour, and if you find ones that’s out of balance, it will soon
    be nerfed. Lower level players should just focus on leveling so they can get up to the
    higher levels to grind for gold.
    Incendosaurs(level 47-50) in Searing Gorge- Kill them for their scales and make about
    25gold an hour.
    Browman Mill in the Eastern Plaguelands for level 57 and up characters– You can make
    30gold an hour here and more if you are lucky and get rare drops.
    Twilight Cultists in Silithus for level 58 and up characters- Sell the Twilight Texts they
    drop for about 20 gold and hour.
    Scorpids in Silithus for level 54 and up characters –Get their Glowing Scorpid Blood and
    sell them and the other drops for a nice rate.
    Tar Elementals in Un’Goro for level 50-55 characters – Kill them for their Living
    Essence and make about 20gold an hour. If you are a herbalist you can make a killing off
    of the herb spawns here. Skinners do well here.
    Water Elementals in the Eastern Plaguelands for level 56 and up characters – For their
    Essence of Water.
    Air Elementals in Silithus for level 56 and up characters – For their Essence of Air.
    Harpies in Thousand Needles for level 30 characters – Kill them for Vibrant Plumes and
    and Light Feathers.
    Defias in Westfall at 32.32 for level 13 characters- Kill them for their linen and make
    around 10gold an hour.
    Alliance Leveling Guide
    Alliance leveling is simple from 1-30. It gets the most complicated from level 30-60. This
    can be used with all classes. Remember to kill mobs as you run between quests and areas,
    grind if you aren’t at the level where the guide says you should be, and always loot! If
    you want to level fast you need to be fast! Always remember to carry lots of supplies and
    potions. This guide can be used with all classes. If you don’t know how to do a specific
    quest or need help, check here Thottbot: World of Warcraft or here World of Warcraft. If you need help with finding a location go to World of Warcraft Maps. Any time I list quest, do them in the order that I list them
    unless I say otherwise.
    1-12 Leveling
    Dwarfs and Gnomes - Start out doing all the quests in Dun Morogh and when you are
    finished doing all of them (they can all be done solo) kill Troggs until level 12. If you
    don’t want to grind Troggs you can also go to Stormwind by way of the Ironforge Tram
    to do quests in Goldshire.
    Humans - Do all the quests in Elwynn Forrest. Then you can either grind to level 12
    killing Gnolls in the southwest part of Elwynn Forrest or you can go to Stormwind and
    tram to Ironforge so you can quest in Dun Morogh.
    Night Elfs – Night Elf’s start in the middle of nowhere so they should just do all the
    quests in Teldrassil and then grind Bloodfeather Harpies in the northwest of Tendrassil. If
    you want to do quests only you can go to Dun Morogh after you complete the quests in
    Teldrassil. You can get there by going to Darnassus and then to the portal in the middle
    of the city so you can take the boat to Darkshore. At this point boat over to Menethil
    Harbor and run to Dun Morogh. Get flight paths as you go.
    Level 12-20 (From this point on the guide is for all races)
    1. Go to Ironforge and make it your home. In Ironforge go to Tinker’s Town and get
    Fin Bingles quest.
    2. Go to Thelsamar and get Rat Catching, Thelsamar Blood Sausages and
    Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task.
    3. Go to the Valley of Kings to get The Trogg Threat and In Defense of the King’s
    4. Go to 25.58 and kill bears, boars and spiders along the way. Do In Defense of the
    King’s Lands by killing Troggs.
    5. Go to 28.45 to do Rat Catching by killing Tunnel Rats.
    6. Go to the tower at 28.18 to turn in Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task and get Filthy
    Paws and Stormpike’s Order.
    7. Do Thelsamar Blood Sausages if you haven’t, and then go back to Thelsamar.
    8. Turn in quests and then go to Valley of Kings and turn in quests and get the next
    quest in the tower.
    9. You are now level 13, if not grind a bit.
    10. Go north to the pace where you can go through the hills at 28.66. You will see a
    lot of Troggs so at this point go southeast to find Seers and Skullthumpers. Kill
    them to do The Trogg Threat. Go back to Valley of Kings and turn in the quest to
    get In Defense of the King’s Lands.
    11. Go to Thelsamar and then north to Silver Steam Mine at 34.19.
    12. Do Filthy Paws here by looking for ‘miner’s gear.’ Go turn it in to Stormpike.
    13. Grind in the tunnel until level 14.
    14. You are now level 14, go to Ironforge to train skills.
    15. Go to Stormwind to turn in Stormpike’s Order in the dwarven district.
    16. Go to the Cathedral at 49.30 to get Humble Beginnings and bind here.
    17. Go to Westfall which is southeast of Stormwind.
    18. Get Report to Gryan Stoutmantle, The Westfall Stew, The Forgotten Heirloom
    and Poor Old Blanchy.
    19. Go south and follow the road to the house to turn in The Westfall Stew. Get the
    next quest and also The Killing Fields and Goretusk Liver Pie.
    20. Go south more to Sentinel Hill and turn in Report to Gryan Stoutmantle. Get
    Patrolling Westfall From Captain Danuvai, Red Leather Bandanas, and The
    Peoples Militia.
    21. Go west to 45.45 to kill Fleshrippers and Goretusks for your quest.
    22. Go to The Molsen Farm at 46.38 to kill Defias for your quest. Also look for Sack
    of Oats for your quest, and if you can’t find them all there go to Saldean’s Farm.
    23. Go north to 50.21 which is Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm and kill Harvest Watchers
    along the way. Clear the Defias there and then get Furlbrow’s Pocket Watch from
    the house window.
    24. Do the quest which requires you to kill Harvest Watchers.
    25. Go north to 52.15 to kill Gnolls for their Paws.
    26. You are now level15.
    27. Go to Longshore at 42.10 to kill Murlocs for their eyes.
    28. Go to the border of Westfall to turn in quests to the farmer couple and then go to
    Saldean’s Farm to turn in the other quests.
    29. Go to Sentinel Hill to turn in quests and get the next part for The Peoples Militia
    and also The Defias Brotherhood quest.
    30. Go to Alexton Farmstead which is west at 37.55. There is a burned house to the
    west where you can get the Simple Compass.
    31. Go southwest to Westfall Lighthouse (30.86). Get Keeper of the Flame and turn it
    in using the Flasks of Oil you already have. Go to Moonbrook which is to the east
    at 42.69. Kill Defias for your quests.
    32. You are now level 16.
    33. Go to Sentinel Hill to turn in The Peoples Militia and get the next part.
    34. Go southeast to the bridge and keep going east on the road. You will get to
    Darkshire where you can get a flight path and then go north with the road to
    Redridge Mountains. You will come across Guard Parker and he gives you the
    quest Encroaching Gnolls. Go north more and you will get to Lakeshire where
    there is a flight path. Go in the inn there and turn in The Defias Brotherhood and
    get the next part and get The Price of Shoes.
    35. Fly to Westfall to turn in The Defias Brotherhood and get the next part.
    36. Go to Stormwind to train and rest. Go to the southeast part of Old Town to turn in
    The Defias Brotherhood and get the next part.
    37. Go to Cathedral Square to turn in Humble Beginnings.
    38. Go to Ironforge to bind and then go to Loch Modan by flight path.
    39. In Thelsamar go east to 64.48 where Bingle is to turn in Find Bingles and get
    Bingles Missing Supplies.
    40. Go to Farstrider Lodge which is east at 81.61 and get Crocolisk Hunting and A
    Hunter’s Boast.
    41. The timer will start for the quest where you have to kill 6 Mountain Buzzards in
    15 minutes. To do it go to 77.74 (southwest). Turn in the quest and get the next
    42. The next part gives you 12 minutes. For this go to Bingle which is northwest to
    kill the boars you need to. Turn in the quest and then go back to Bingle.
    43. Here look at the lake and you will see two islands. Go to the treeless island to do
    the quest Crocolisk Hunting at 55.55.
    44. No go north to the island at 48.29 to look Bingle’s Toolbucket. Get Bingle’s
    Screwdriver from the camp at 48.21 which is on the west part of the bigger island.
    45. Go to 52.24 to get Bingle’s Hammer and then head east to get Bingle’s
    Blastencapper. While you are here make sure to kill Bonesplitter Shamans and
    Bonesnappers for your quest and also get level 17.
    46. You are now level 17.
    47. Go to Stonewrought Dam which is north at 47.13. Get quest A Dark Threat
    Looms and the go east down a ramp and turn around to see two Dark Iron
    Sappers, kill them. Click on the suspicious barrel near by to complete the quest
    and get the next part which you don’t need to do.
    48. Go to Bingle to turn in Missing Supplies and then turn in Crocolisk Hunting at the
    49. Go west to Ironbands Excavation Site 65.67. Get Gathering Idols and Excavation
    Progress Report.
    50. Go inside the excavation and go east to kill Troggs and get Carved Stone Idols.
    Turn in the quest then go to Thelsamar to turn in Excavation Progress Report and
    get the next part.
    51. Go to Valley of Kings to turn in Defense of the King’s Lands.
    52. Go grind to level 18, a good place is at the Excavation site.
    53. You are no level 18.
    54. Go to Ironforge then to the Hall of Explorers to turn in the quest at Prospector
    Stormpike, you don’t need the next part. Go to Goldshire to turn in The Price of
    55. Go to Westfall to turn in quest Gryan Stoutmantle and get the next part.
    56. You need to find The Messenger and kill him. He is between Gold Coast Quarry
    and Moonbrook. Start at Gold Coast Quarry and run south along the road to
    Moonbrook and look for The Messenger as you go. If you don’t see him wait for
    him to spawn at Moonbrook to kill him and loot his Message.
    57. Go to Dagger Hills at 54,72 to kill Defias for the quests The People’s Militia and
    The Defias Brotherhood. Turn in the quests at the Defias Traitor to get the next
    part. You have to escort the traitor to Moonbrook so do it.
    58. Go to Westfall Lighthouse and get the quests The Costal Menace and The Coast
    Isn’t Clear. Kill Murlocs along the coast to do these quest and turn them in. Old
    Murk-eye is east of the lighthouse.
    59. Go to Sentinel Hill to turn in The Defias Brotherhood.
    60. Go to Redridge Mountians and get all the quests. The quests you need are
    Elmore’s Tast, Hillary’s Necklace, The Lost Tools, A Free Lunch, Selling Fish,
    Blackrock Menace, and Redridge Goulash.
    61. Turn in Return To Verner to get Underbelly Scales and A Baying of Gnolls.
    62. Turn in Encroacking Gnolls to get Assessing The Threat.
    63. To do Redridge Goulash you need to kill a lot of Goretusks, Spiders and Condors
    so kill them when you see them as you do the next steps in the guide.
    64. Go to 16.71 to turn in your quest to Guard Parker and get the next part.
    65. Go to Lakeridge Highway which is east at 30.81 to kill Poachers and Mongrels.
    66. Go north to kill Black Dragon Whelps.
    67. Go into the north lake to 42.55. There is a sunken boat there where you can get
    Oslow’s Toolbox.
    68. Go west near the bridge to find Hilary’s Necklace in the Glinting Mud.
    69. Go to Lakeshire to turn in Hillarys Necklace, Assessing The Threat, and
    Underbelly Scales.
    70. Turn in The Lost Tools to get The Everstill Bridge.
    71. Turn in Visit The Herbalist to get the next part.
    72. You are now level 19, if not grind a bit.
    73. Go north to Redridge Conyons near 33.34. Kill Gnolls for your quests.
    74. Go east to Alther’s Mill near 53.43 to finish up Redridge Goulash.
    75. Go south down the cliffs killing all the Murlocs and then swim west to the Murloc
    Camp near 40.45 to kill more Murlocs for their Sunfish and Fins.
    76. Return to Lakeshire to turn in Redridge Goulash, Selling Fish, The Everstill
    Bridge, and A Baying of Gnolls.
    77. You are now level 20.
    78. Go to Lakeshire to get Murloc Poachers and turn it in.
    1. Now you can do the Deadmines instance which is fun and I recommend it, so get
    a group and do that.
    2. Level 20 to 22 can be done in the Redridge Mountains at the Tower of Zaora and
    at Lakeshire.
    3. From level 22 to 30 quest in Redridge Mountains, Diskwood, Ashenvale,
    Wetlands, Stonetalon Mountains, and Dun Modr. Do the Stockades, Shadowfang
    Keep and Blackfathom Deeps instances. Grind from levels 26 to 29 in the
    Wetlands(Dragonmaw Encampment and Whelgar’s Excavation) and
    Duskwood(Rotting Orchard and Raven Hill Cemetary). Also get lots of quests
    and do them all at the same time so you don’t have to run back and forth to get
    new ones.
    1. Go to Theramore from Menethil Harbor, get the flight path, and get Highperch
    2. Go to Thousand Needles though the Barrens.
    3. Go west to Thalanaar, get the flight path, then go to Highperch to do Highparch
    4. Go to Roguefeather Den near 25.50 and kill harpies until you have 25 Vibrant
    Plumes so you can get a 14 slot bag after trading for 50 tickets at Darkmoon
    5. You are now level 31.
    6. Go to Shimmering Flats and then to Mirage Raceway. Get Hardened Shells, Load
    Lightening, Salt Flat Venom, Hemet Nesingwary, A Bump in the Road,
    Wharfmaster Dizzywing and Rocket Car Parts and then do them and turn them in.
    7. You are now level 32.
    8. Get Martek The Exiled and Goblin Sponsorship.
    9. Go to Gadgetzan and get flight parth, go to Theramore to turn in Highperch
    Venom, go to Ratchet by way of the Barrens and do Parts For Kravel and Goblin
    10. Now go to Booty Bay and get Supply and Demand, Investigate the Camp,
    Bloodscalp Ears, Singing Blue Shards, Hostile Takeover, Scaring Shaky, The
    Stone of the Tides, and Goblin Sponsorship.
    11. Go to the Rebel Camp in Strangelthorn Vale and get Krazek's Cookery, Bad
    Medicine, and The Second Rebellion,.
    12. Go to Nesingwary’s Camp and get Tiger Master, Panther Mastery and Raptor
    13. Do the Rebel and Nesingwary Camp quests.
    14. Turn in quests and get Special Forces from Rebel Camp and the next Panther and
    Tiger Mastery from Nesingwary.
    15. Grind trolls and get bloodscalp ears for your quest.
    16. You are now level 33.
    17. Go kill Crystal Spine Basilisks for your quests then do The Stone of The Tides.
    18. Turn in quests at Camp Nesingwary and get next Tiger, Panther, and Raptor
    quests. Go grind.
    19. Go to Booty Bay. Turn in Krazek's Cookery, Investigate the Camp, The Stone of
    the Tides, Singing Blue Shards, Bloodscalp Ears, and Supply and Demand
    20. You are now level 34.
    21. Get Some Assembly Required, Hostile Takeover, Water Elementals, and Venture
    Company Mining and do them.
    22. Do Tiger and Raptor Master then turn them in at Nesingwary Camp and get the
    new versions. Also turn in quests at Rebel Camp and get Kurzen’s Mystery.
    23. Go to Booty Bay and turn in Some Assembly Required, Hostile Takeover and
    Water Elementals.
    24. You are now level 35.
    25. Go to Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills and get Down the Coast, Crushridge
    Bounty , Hints of a New Plague?, Costly Menace, and Syndicate Assassins.
    26. Do these quests until they are finished.
    27. Go to Refuge Pointe in Arathi Highlands and get Worth It’s Weight In Gold and
    do it. Also do Hints of a New Plague? near 60.50 and do all of it.
    28. Go back to Refuge Pointe and turn in quests, then head to Southshore and turn in
    Hints of A New Plague.
    29. Go to Alterac Mountains and grind and quest in Soferan’s Naze. Get Encrypted
    Letter and Foreboding Plans from the syndicate camp. Complete all the Syndicate
    and Ogre quests.
    30. Go to Archmage Ansirem near 20.76 to turn in Magical Analysis and get
    Ansirem’s Key.
    31. Go to Southshore to turn in quests and get Letter To Stormpike.
    32. You are now level 36.
    33. Go to Ironforge and bind there. Turn in Letter to Stormpike and get Reclaimers'
    Business in Desolace.
    34. Go to Stormwind to turn in Reassignment. Go to Booty Bay and turn in Ansirem's
    Key to get Pretty Boy Duncan.
    35. Boat to Ratchet then go to Desolace.
    36. Go to Nijel’s Point and get Vahlarriel's Search, Centaur Bounty, Strange Alliance,
    Reagents for Reclaimers Inc., Down the Scarlet Path, and The Karnitol
    37. Do these quests and their continuations. Along the way get and do The Sceptre of
    Light at 38.26, Claim Rackmore's Treasure at 35.30.
    38. Go back to Nijel’s Point to turn in quests and get The Karnitol Shipwreck. Go to
    62.37 and get Bone Collector. Turn in The Sceptre of Light from where you got it
    and get Book of the Ancients.
    39. Do these quests and also do get Kodo Roundup from 60.60 when you get 10 Kodo
    40. You are now level 37. Kill centaurs if you are not.
    41. Go turn in all quests at Nijel’s Point and get Down the Scarlet Path and The
    Karnitol Shipwreck.
    42. Go to Ironforge and turn in The Karnitol Shipwreck and get Mythology of the
    43. Now go to Southshore and turn in Down The Scarlet Path and get In the Name of
    The Light.
    44. Now you can do the instance at Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glade with a group.
    It is fun and good xp.
    45. You are now level 38.
    46. Go to Ironforge. Get Ironband wants you! from Hall of Explorers.
    47. Go to Thelsamar and get Badlands Reagent Run. Go to Ironband's Excavation
    Site at 65.65 and get Find Agmond.
    48. Go to the Badlands. Go to 52.42 to get Mirages and A Dwarf And His Tools.
    49. Go to 42.52 to turn in Indurium and get Barbecued Buzzard Wings.
    50. Go to Lotwil Veriatus's Camp at 25.45 and get Study of the Elements: Rock,
    Coolant Heads Prevail and turn it in to get Gyro...What? and turn it in.
    51. Go west of Lotwil Veriatus and grind Lesser Elementals until level 39 then turn in
    Study of the Elements: Rock at Lotwil Veriatus.
    52. You are now level 39.
    53. Go to Hammertoe's Digsite. Go to 52.35 and get A Sign of Hope and do it.
    54. Go back to Hammertoe’s Digsite and turn in quests to get Scrounging from
    Prospector Ryedol.
    55. Go to Agmond's End and click a Battered Dwarven Skeleton to get Murdaloc.
    56. Do Scrounging and Murdaloc and make sure to get 10 Indurium Flakes.
    57. Go kill rock elementals at 40.70 and get three large stone slabs. Then go to Camp
    Kagg at 10.70 and kill ogres to get seven Scrap Metal.
    58. Go to Apocryphan's Rest at 15.60 and do Barbecued Buzzard Wings and
    Badlands Reagent Run.
    59. Go to Martek the Exiled at 41.53 to turn in Indurium and get News for Fizzle.
    Also turn in Barbecued Buzzard Wings and Scrounging at Sirun Ironhew.
    60. Go to Lotwil Veriatus and get Study of The Elements: Rock.
    61. You are now level 40. If not go grind Lesser Rock Elementals or Dwarves.
    1. Go to Ironforge and go get your mount.
    2. Go to Thelsamar to turn in Badlands Reagent Run then head to the Badlands.
    3. Get five Bracers of Rock Binding by killing Greater Rocket Elementals at 16.83
    or 6.83.
    4. Grind Elementals and Dwarves until you are almost 41.
    5. Go to Lotwil Veriatus to turn in Study of The Elements: Rock and get This Is
    Going To Be Hard. Also get Stone Is Better Than Cloth and do it.
    6. You are now level 41.
    7. Do This Is Going To Be Hard and get the next part. When you do a tough
    Elemental will spawn but if you are careful you can kill it. Get the next part after
    killing it and turn it in.
    8. Go to Stormwind and get A Meal Served Cold at 40.89 and then get In Search of
    The Temple at 63.23.
    9. Go to Booty Bay and bind there. Get The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Goblin
    Sponsorship, Akiris by the Bundle, Zanzil's Secret, Tran'Rek from Krazek, and
    Skullsplitter Tusks.
    10. Do Booty Bay quests. Naga Explorers can be found at 25.65 and Elder Mistvale
    Gorillas can be found at 31.65.
    11. Turn in The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Scaring Shaky, Akiris by the Bundle, Pretty
    Boy Duncan, Return to MacKinley, and get all the follow-ups including Up to
    Snuff, Voodoo Dues, The Bloodsail Buccaneers and Keep An Eye Out.
    12. Clear the Bloodsail camps at 30.80 and 27.81. Check both camps for charts and
    orders and make sure to get both, and also get the drops you need for your quests
    from the Bloodsails.
    13. Go north to 40.40 and kill Shadowmaw Panther if you see them along the way,
    they can also be found near 35.35.
    14. Kill Venture Company Goblins and Cold Eye Basilisks to get quest items.
    15. Kill Jungle Stalkers.
    16. Kill trolls at 42.36, 45.35, and 47.38 to get quest items.
    17. You are now level 42.
    18. Go to the Venture Company Base at Lake Nezferiti and kill Foreman Cozzle at
    41.18. Also get the Fuel Regulator Bleprints near by.
    19. Clear the spawn at 30.20 and get the scroll from the tablet.
    20. Get the 2nd scroll from under the water at 24.22. Get the 3rd scroll from 21.10. Get
    the 4th at 23.10.
    21. Go to Camp Nesingwary to turn in Panther and Raptor Mastery.
    22. Go to Rebel Camp and turn in Kurzen’s Mystery.
    23. Go to Booty Bay and turn in Up to Snuff, Venture Company Mining, Skullsplitter
    Tusks, Goblin Sponsorship, Keep An Eye Out and The Bloodsail Buccaneers. Get
    the continuations.
    24. Go to 41. 90 at Stormwind City and abandon A Meal Served Cold, get it again,
    and turn it in and turn it in.
    25. Go to Booty Bay then go to Ruins of Jubuwal at 33.50. Kill the camp, JonJon, and
    then Maury Wilkins. Loot the quest items.
    26. Go to Ruins of Aboraz at 40.57 and kill Zanzil Minions to get quest items.
    27. Go to Booty Bay and turn in Voodoo Dues and Zanzil’s Secret. Get Stoley’s
    28. Go to Darkshire in Duskwood. Go to Swamps of Sorrows.
    29. Go to 25.60 and get Encroaching Wildlife, do it, then get The Lost Caravan.
    30. Go to Harborage at 26.31 and get Draenethyst Crystals. Go to 54.20 to do it and
    get The Lost Supplies from a scattered crate.
    31. Go to 63.10 to get wizards’ reagents for quest. Get Galen’s Escape and do it and
    complete it at 47.39.
    32. Kill Noboru to get Noboru The Cudgel.
    33. Go to Magtoor at 26.30 to turn in quests. Get Driftwood.
    34. Go to the Temple of Atal’Hakkar and get the next In Search of The Temple.
    35. Get Sundried Driftwood for your quest.
    36. Get Deliver The Shipment from Watcher Biggs.
    37. Go to the Blasted Lands and then to Nethergarde Keep.
    38. Turn in Deliver The Shipment and The Lost Supplies.
    39. Go to Stormwind. Get To The Hinterlands.
    40. You are now level 43.
    41. Do Uldaman instance along with The Platinum Discs.
    42. Go to Ironforge then to Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. Go to Auberdine and
    get the flightpath. Back to Menethil Harbor then over to Theramore.
    43. Turn in Akiris By The Bundle.
    44. Go to Gadgetzan. Turn in Tran’Rek. Get Water Pouch Bounty, Handle With Care,
    and Wastewander Justice.
    45. Go to Steamwheedle and get Wanted: Andre Firebeard along with Caliph
    Scorpidsting, Pirate Hats Ahoy!, Screecher Spirits, and Southsea Shakedown.
    46. Turn in Stoley’s Debt and get Stoley’s Shipment.
    47. Go back to Gadgetzan and do Wastewander Justice and Water Pouch Bounty
    along the way and then turn them in.
    48. Get More Wastewander Justice.
    49. Go to Thousand Needles then to Shimmering Flats.
    50. Turn in Part For Kravel, News For Frizzle and Goblin Sponsorship. Get
    Gahz’Rilla and Keeping Pace From Pozzik. Do the quest with Pozzik. Get
    Rizzle’s Schematics and turn it in.
    51. Go to Gadgetzan then to Thalanaar in Feralas.
    52. Find Kindal at 65.45 then clear Grimtotel Camp. Start the quest with Kindal and
    then do it and turn it in where you first found her.
    53. Get Doling Justice and do it, then get part 2.
    54. Go to Feathermoon Stronghold, bind there, and get The Ruins of Solarsal, The
    Missing Courier, The Mark of Quality, In Search of Knowledge, The Missing
    Courier and The High Wilderness.
    55. Do Return To Feathermoon Stronghold at the Ruins of Solarsal.
    56. Go back to Feathermoon Stronghold and get Against The Hatecrest and then get
    the follow up.
    57. Go to Latronicus to turn in quests and get Against Lord Shalzaru.
    58. Go to Isle of Dread and kill Lord Shalzaru inside the cave.
    59. You are now level 44.
    60. Go to Feathermoon Stronghold, turn in quests, and get Delivering The Relic then
    do it.
    61. Go to Feralas and do Screecher Spirits and kill Rogue Vale Screechers along the
    way to 45.64. Get Boat Wreckage from here.
    62. Go to Feathermoon Fortress and get The Knife Revealed, Psychometric Reading,
    and The Woodpaw Gnolls.
    63. Go to Feralas then go to 61.53 and do quests by killing ogres. Get Hippogryphy
    Eggs from 56.76 and then kill yetis for quest items.
    64. Go to Feralas when quests are done and then go north of small lake. Get The
    Writhing Deep from the camp at 73.56.
    65. Go to 75.63 to do the quest in the tunnel
    66. Go back to Feathermoon Stronghold to turn in quests and get Improved Quality
    and A Hero’s Welcome, then turn in A Hero’s Welcome to get Rise of the Slithid.
    67. Go to Auberdine then to Rut’theran Village near Darnassus. Turn in Handle With
    Care and get Favored of Elune?.
    68. Turn in In Search of Knowledge and The Borrower(after clicking the green book
    at 55.91).
    69. Go to Darnassus and then to the Temple of The Moon. Turn in quests.
    70. You are now level 45.
    71. Go to Feathermoon Stronghold then to Thalanaar to turn in Thalanaar Delivery.
    72. Go to Gadgetzan to turn in The Borrower and get The Super Snapper FX.
    73. Click the Egg-O-Matic and then finish the quest right there.
    74. Go to Tanaris and then to Watersrping Field. Do your quests there. Finish More
    Wastewander Justice then go to the cave at 68.40.
    75. Do Southsea Shakedown, your other quests, and kill Andre. Also do Pirate Hats
    76. Go to Steamwheedle Port to turn in Southsea Shakedown, Andre Firebeard,
    Stoley’d Shipment, Pirate Hats Ahoy!, and Screecher Spirits. Get The Prophecy
    of Mosh’Aru and Deliver To MacKinley.
    77. Go to Gadgetzan to turn in Caliph Scorpidsting and More Wastewander Justice.
    78. You are now level 46.
    79. Go to Ironforge. Get Portents of Uldum and then do it and get Seeing What
    80. Go to Hinterlands though Aerie Peak, bind and get the flight path, and get Skulk
    Rock Clean-up, Troll Necklace Bounty, and To the Hinterlands. Get Gryphon
    Master Talonaxe, Witherbark Cages and Rhapsody Shindigger.
    81. Go to Shindigger’s Camp east of Aerie Peak. Start looking for Wilkdkin Feathers
    as you travel.
    82. Get Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail.
    83. Clear the troll ruins of Zun’watha and Hiri’watha and check the cages. Kill trolls
    for quest items.
    84. Go to Agol’Watha a 45.40 to kill Ooze.
    85. Go to 56.44 to kill more Ooze.
    86. Do Distress Deacon OOX-22/HL all the way through.
    87. Go to Overlook Cliffs at 70.63 and do the quest with Gammerita.
    88. Go to Aerie Peak to turn in Skulk Rock Clean-up and Troll Necklace Bounty.
    89. Get The Altar of Zul on the top floor from the gryphon master.
    90. Go to the Altar of Zul at 50.64 and look for a group to do this quest. Get the next
    part of Altar of Zul.
    91. Go to Shadra’Alor and get Jammalan The Prophet at 32.75.
    92. Go to Aerie Peak and get Thadius Grimshade from the gryphon master.
    93. Go to Ironforge to restock then go to Menethil Harbor, Auberdine, then over to
    Rut’Theran Village. Turn in Flavored of Elune there at 55.90. Also turn in The
    Super Snapper FX and get Return To Troyas.
    94. You are now level 47.
    95. Go to Auberdine then to Feathermoon Stronghold. Get The Sunken Temple and
    The Stave of Equinex.
    96. Go to 44.43 near Feralas and get Fuel For The Zapping and Zapped Giants. Use
    Zorbin’s Zapper as you kill giants and also kill elementals and get quest items.
    Finish and turn in those in.
    97. Go to the cave at 51.32 and kill Groddoc Thunderers, Ironfur Bears, and Rage
    Scar Yetis along the way for quest items. Get the pristine hide and click it.
    98. Go north and get The Giant Guardian from Rockbiter.
    99. Go to Ruins of Ravenwind and kill harpies there.
    100. Do the Essence quests. Go to Equinex Monolith at 40.13 and complete it
    and get The Morrow Stone.
    101. Do the quest with Shay and turn it in.
    102. Go to 65.50 and get An Orphan Looking For A Home.
    103. Go to Feathermoon Stronghold and turn in Morrow Stone, Prisine Yeti
    Hide, and Improved Qaulity.
    104. Go to Gadgetzan and get The Thirsty Goblin, Gadgetzan Water Survey,
    Thistleshrub Valley, and The Dunemaul Compound.
    105. Do Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail at 50.35 and then use the Untapped
    Dowsing Widget at 38.29.
    106. Go to Gadgetzan and get Noxious Lair Investigation.
    107. Go to Broken Pillar at 52.45 and turn in The Sunken Temple and get
    Gahz’ridian and The Stone Circle.
    108. Go to Dunemail Compound and kill Gor’marok in the cave.
    109. Go to Eastmmon Ruins at 50.64 and get quest items and finish Dunemaul
    110. You are now level 48.
    111. Go to Uldum at 40.79 and click the Uldum Pedestal twice at 37.81, and
    get Return to Ironforge.
    112. Go to Thistleshrub Valley and kill Thustleshurbs for your quests.
    113. Go to Noxious Lair and kill bugs for your quests.
    114. Go to gadgetzan and turn in The Dunemaul Compound, The Thirsty
    Goblin, Thistleshurb Valley, Noxious Lair, and In Good Taste. Get In Good Taste
    2, Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient, and The Scrimshank Redemption.
    115. Go to Broken Pillar and turn in Gahz’ridian.
    116. Do The Scrimshank Redemption.
    117. Go to Gadgetzan and get Insect Part Analysis 2, do it, and then get Rise of
    The Slithid after talking to a series of people.
    118. Go to Thousand Needles and then to the Mirage Raceway.
    119. Turn in An Orphan Looking For A Home and then turn in the next part.
    120. Get The Newest Member of The Family.
    121. Go to Aerie Peak and turn in The Newest Member of The Family and get
    Food For Baby.
    122. Go to Rhapsody Shindigger and turn in Kalimdor Kocktail and get
    Rhapsody’s Tale.
    123. Kill Silvermane Stalkers at 65.50 for quest items.
    124. Go to Valorwind Lake then go to Aerie Peak and turn in Food For Baby
    and get Becoming A Parent then turn it in.
    125. Go to Ironforge and restock.
    126. Turn in Return To Ironforge and get A Future Task and Passing The
    Burden. Turn in A Future Task.
    127. Go to Stormwind then to Dwarven District at 65.20 and get Into The
    Temple of Atal’Hakkar.
    128. Go to Nethergarde Keep in the Blasted Lands and get Nekrum’s
    129. Go to Booty Bay. Turn in Deliver To MacKinley.
    130. Go to Ironforge and then go do Zul’Farrak Instance with a group after
    gathering the required quests in Tanaris and Dustwallow Marsh. Turn those quests
    in when done.
    131. In Tanaris get Delivery For Marin and Noggenfogger Elixir and do it.
    132. You are now level 49.
    133. Go to Stormwind and then to the Wizard’s Tower at 37.80 and get Vital
    134. Go to Darkshire in Duskwood and get Supplies For Nethergarde.
    135. Go to Nethergarde Keep in the Blasted Lands and turn in Supplies For
    Nethergarde and Nekrum’s Medallion and then get The Divination, do it and get
    Return To The Hinderlands.
    136. Go to 50.13 and get Vilture’s Vigor, The Basilik’s Bite, The Decisive
    Striker, A Boar’s Vitality, and Snickefang Jowls.
    137. Do all these quests. Do other quests if you find items that unlock them
    along the way. Go turn in all the quests.
    138. Go top Aerie Peak and get Saving Sharpbeak from the gryphon master.
    139. Go to Jintha’Alor for The Ancient Egg and Saving Sharpbeak. You need a
    group for this.
    140. Turn them in and then go to Tanaris to turn in quests and get The God
    Hakkar at Steamwheedle.
    141. You are now level 50
    1. Go do the Maraudon Instance in Desolace.
    2. Go to Ironforge. Go to Searing Gorge from the Badlands.
    3. Go to 38.40 to get Divine Retribution, turn it in and get The Flawless Flame.
    4. Go to Thorium Point at 37.26 to get Job Opportunity: Culling The Competition,
    Wanted: Overseer Maltorius, and Stolen: Smithing Tuvere and Lookout’s
    5. Go to Hansel and get Fiery Menace, Incendosaurs? Wahteverosaur Is More Like
    It, Curse These Fat Fingers, and What The Flux from near by.
    6. Do your quests around 40.50, 65.62 to get Caught! at the dig site and do it, and
    Suntara Stones quest from the dig site and do it. Go to The Cauldron and quest,
    into the Slag Pit at 41.54(get a couple of people to help you in there), kill
    Incendosaurs, Blaze Elementals, Steamsmiths at 40.50, and Heavy War Golems.
    7. Go to Karalan Windblade to get Forging The Shaft.
    8. Back to Thorium Point after your quests are done to turn them in
    9. You are now level 51.
    10. Go back to 40.50 and kill everything around the cauldron for your quests. Get 8
    Thorium Plated Daggers from the dwarves then turn them in at Kalaran
    Windblade to get The Flame’s Casing.
    11. Go do The Flame’s Casing with a group and get Prayer To Elune form Zameal
    Lunthistle along the way and do that too.
    12. Turn them in at Kalaran and get The Torh of Retribution and the next part., do
    them and get Squire Maltrake.
    13. Go to Maltake at 38.39 and get Set The Ablaze!
    14. Go solo this quest, and after turn in The Key To Freedom.
    15. Go to Maltrake and turn in quests and get Trinkets… and do it.
    16. Finish all your quests if you have any left and then go back to Thorium Point.
    17. Go to Thelsamar by way of Ironforge and go see Pebblebitty at 18.85 to turn in
    The Horn of The Beast.
    18. Back to Ironforge and get Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm.
    19. Turn in Proof of Deed and Suntara Stones. Get At Last!, A Little Slime Goes A
    Long Way, An Easy Pickup, Arcane Runes, and the quests for the Military Ward.
    20. Go to Darnassus and to the Temple of The Moon to turn in Prayer To Elune, Rise
    of The Silithid, and get March of The Silithid.
    21. Go to the Cenarion Enclave to turn in quests at Staghelm and get Un’Goro Soil.
    22. Go to Gadgetzan to turn in March of The Silithid and get Super Sticky and
    Bungle In The Jungle.
    23. Go to Ungoro Crater. Make sure to look for crystals, dirt piles, and soil in your
    travels here. Also you need to kill dinausaurs so you can get the journal that starts
    Williden’s Journal.
    24. Go to 71.75 and get The Apes of Un’Goro and The Fare of Lar’Korwi.
    25. Get It’s A Secret To Everybody and its continuation from the Wrecked Raft.
    26. Go to the theshadon’s carcass at 68.56 to do your quest and then go turn it in and
    get The Scent of Lar’Korwi and do it and turn it in.
    27. Kill Dinosaurs in the Marshlands to get seven power crystals of each color.
    28. You are now level 52.
    29. Go to Marshall’s Refuge at 46.12 and turn in Williden’s Journal and get Shizzle’s
    Flyer, Chasing A-Me 01, Muigin and Larion, Roll The Bones, Beware of
    Pterrordax, Expedition Salvation, and Alien Ecology.
    30. Do and turn in It’s A Secret To Everybody.
    31. Get Crystals of Power and turn it in since you already have it done to get The
    Eastern, Western, and Northern Pylon quests.
    32. Go to 54.13 to find the Northern Crystal, and kill the Pterrordax near by. Kill all
    the Bloodpetals, Diametradons, and Pterrordaxes you come across for your
    33. There are apes at Fungal Rock for your quest and inside the cave there is A-Me
    34. Kill Tar animals in the south and turn, go to 68.36 and look the Foodstuffs, get
    your Eastern Crystal, and then turn in The Apes of Un’Goro and The Fare of
    Lar’Korwi at 71.75.
    35. Continue questing and go over near 38.66 to get Find The Source.
    36. When your quests are done go back to Marshall’s Refuge.
    37. Turn in Muigin and Larion, Alien Ecology, All The Pylon Quests and Expedition
    Salvation. Get A Visit To Gregan and Making Sense of It (and do it).
    38. Also get It’s A Secret To Everybody.
    39. Go to Gadgetzan and turn in Bungle In The Jungle and Super Sticky.
    40. Go to Darnassus, to the Cenarion Enclave and turn in Un’Goro Soil and get
    Morrowgrain Research and do it to get the next part.
    41. Start getting our 20 Morrowgrain for your Evergreen Pouch for your quest.
    42. Go to Ashenvale by way of Auberdine. Then got to Astraanar at 36.50 and get the
    flight path. Go to Azshara at 92.45 and then to Talrendis Point to get Spiritual
    Unrest and A Land Filled with Hatred, and also get the flight path.
    43. Do A Land Filled With Hated and Spiritual Unrest and turn them in.
    44. Go to 53.21 to get Kim’jael Indeed.
    45. You are now level 53. (If not just go onto next step anyway).
    46. Grind at 55.25 and do Kim’jael Indeed there.
    47. Turn in Kim’jael Indeed and get Kim’Jael’s Missing Equiptment.
    48. Go to 45.37, kill naga, and go to Ruins of Eldarath. Click the pillar at 40.50.
    49. Do the runes quest and turn it in.
    50. Do Arcane Runes and get Return To Tymor.
    51. Go to Astraanar and then go to Felwood.
    52. Get Cleansing Felwood near 53.85 and Timbermaw Ally near 50.85.
    53. Go to Emerald Sanctuary and get The Corruption of Jadefire, Forces of Jaedenar,
    and Verifying The Corruption.
    54. Do Timbermaw Ally and turn it in to get Speak To Nafien.
    55. Do Forces of Jaedenar and turn it in at Emerald Sanctuary to get Collection of
    The Corrupt Water.
    56. Do The Corruption of the Jadefire and then do Collection of The Corrupt Water.
    Turn them in and get Seeking Spiritual Aid and Further Corruption.
    57. Do Further Corruption and on the way kill Xavaric in Jadefire Run near 40.22.
    After he’s dead get Flute of Xavaric.
    58. Go to Irontree Cavern at 55.15 to kill elementals and then go to Talonbranch
    Glade to get the flight path. Go to Timbermaw Hold to turn in quests and get
    Deadwood of The North.
    59. Go to 63.14 to do Deadwood of The North then turn it in and get Speak To Salfa.
    60. Go to Timbermaw Hold and turn in Speak To Salfa.
    61. Go to Donova Snowden to turn in It’s A Secret To Everybody and get The Videre
    62. Go to Astraanar, Auberdine, Feralas and then finally to Feathermoon. Get
    Jonespyre’s Request then The Mystery Of Morrowgrain and turn it in.
    63. Go to Feralas then head to the twin colossal and find Gregan Brewspewer. Turn in
    A Visit To Gregan and get Haze of Evil and make sure to buy a bait from him.
    64. Find Miblon Snarltooth near 44.10 and use the bait there to get an evoroot.
    65. You are now level 54.
    66. Go to Gregan and turn in quest. Go to Darnassus and turn in Morrowgrain.
    67. Go to Ironforge to turn in A Little Slime Goes A Long Way and get the next step,
    and turn in Return To Tymor.
    68. Go to Talonbranch Glade in Felwood, continue to Timbermaw Hold, then go
    69. Go to Donova Snowden and turn in The Videre Elixer to get Meet At The Grave.
    Go to Talrendris Point in Azshara by way of Talonbranch Glade.
    70. Go to the Barrens by way of Ashenvale. Go to Ratchet, bind, and get Volcanic
    71. Go to Tidus Stair at 65.45 and turn in Seeking Spiritual Aid to get Cleansed Water
    72. Go to Gadgetzan.
    73. Use the Videre Elixer in the grave yard and get A Grave Situation, click the
    conspicuous gravestone and get Linken’s Sword.
    74. Go to the Broken Pillar at 50.45 and turn in The Stone Circle to get Secret of The
    Circle and Into The Depths.
    75. Go to Un’Goro at 27.55.
    76. Get The Bair For Lar’Korwi and The Mighty U’Cha.
    77. Go do The Bair For Lar’Korwi and then The Mighty U’Cha.
    78. Do the A-Me 01 quest completely.
    79. Go to Marshal’s Refuge to turn in Linken’s Sword and get A Gnome’s
    Assistance, do it, get Linken’s Memory, and get Lost!.
    80. Go to 40.25 to do Shizzle’s Flyer, Beware of Pterrordax, Roll The Bones, and A
    Little Slime Goes A Long Way.
    81. Go to Fire Plume Ridge and quest, and complete Finding The Source.
    82. Go to 30.50 to get The New Springs.
    83. Go to Torwa Pathfinder at 72.75 and turn in The Bait For Lar’Korwi and The
    Mighty U’Cha.
    84. Back to Fire Plume Ridge at 49.53 to turn in Lost! And get A Little Help From
    My Friends.
    85. Go to Marshal’s Refuge with Ringo.
    86. Turn in Beware of Pterrordax, Shizzle’s Flyer, Roll The Bones, and A Little Help
    From My Friends.
    87. Go to Ratchet to turn in Volcanic Activity.
    88. Go to Stormwind. Get Haze of Evil, Secret of The Circle, Into The Depths, Into
    The Temple of Atal’Hakkar, The God Hakkar and Jammal’an The Prophey.
    89. Do Sunken Temple Instance. Turn in quests after.
    90. You are now level 55.
    91. Rut'theran Village by way of Auberdine to get Moontouched Wildkin.
    92. Go back to Auberdine, then to Astranaar, and then to Felwood.
    93. Turn in Cleansing Felwood and get a Cenarion beacon when you turn it in.
    94. Go to Emerald Sanctuary and turn in Cleansed Water Returns To Felwood to get
    Dousing The Flames of Protection. Turn in Flute of Xavaris to get Felbound
    Ancients. Turn in Further Corruption, Linken’s Memory, and Verifying The
    Corruption to get To Winterspring! and Silver Heart.
    95. Get a group and Do Dousing The Flames of Protection at Shadow Hold and kill
    quest mobs along the way. Get A Strange Red Key inside Shadow Hold and do it
    and the next part.
    96. Go to Irontree Woods at 45.25 and quest.
    97. Go to Timbermaw Hold and get Winterfall Activity.
    98. Go to Donova Snowden to turn in The New Springs and get Threat of The
    Winterfall and Strange Sources.
    99. Go to Timbermaw Post at 40.44 to kill quest mobs and get the quest Winterfall
    Firewater from a Furlbog drop.
    100. Go to Starfall Village at 50.30 to turn in To Winterspring! and get the next
    part. Turn in The Ruins of Kel’Theril to get Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril and
    Enraged Wildkin.
    101. Go to Everlook to get Are We There, Yeti?, The Everlook Report, Sister
    Pamela, and Duke Nickolas Zverenhoff. Also get the flight path.
    102. Go to Lake of Kel’Theril to get the relics you need.
    103. Go to Donova Snowden to turn in Winterfall Firewater and Threat of The
    Winterfall and get Falling To Corruption.
    104. Go to Timbermaw Hold and then to Felwood. Clear the Felwood Village
    camp to get Mystery Goo.
    105. Go to Donova Snowden to turn in Mystery Goo and get Toxic Horrors.
    106. Go to Darnassus and then to the Temple of The Moon to fill Eridan’s Vial.
    107. Go to Rut’theran Village to turn in Moontouched Wildkin and get Find
    108. You are now level 56.
    109. Go to Felwood. Turn in quests at 54.86. Go to Emerald Sanctuary to turn
    in Rescue From Jaedenar and Dousing The Flames of Protection and get
    Retribution of The Light and A Final Blow.
    110. Turn in Felbound and Silver Heart to get Aquementas and Purified!. Do
    Purified! and turn it in.
    111. Go to Jaedenar to do Retribution of The Light and get The Remains of Try
    Lightshadow. Kill Shadow Lord Fel’dan.
    112. Go to Irontree Woods to kill Toxic Horrors near 50.25.
    113. Go to 50.30 to get Ancient Spirit from the ent, Arei.
    114. Go to Emerald Sanctuary to trun in The Remains of Trey Lightforge and
    A Final Blow.
    115. Go to Ashenvale to turn in Ancient Spirit at 85.44.
    116. Go to Donova Snowden to turn in Toxic Horrors and get Winterfall
    Runners and go do it.
    117. Go to Everlook and then to Winterfall Village to quest.
    118. Go to Ice Thistle Hill to kill Yetis for your quest.
    119. Go to Dun Mandarr at 59.59 to click the damaged crate to get the next part
    of your quest.
    120. Go to Dun Mandarr camp at 59.59 to click the damaged crate and get the
    next part of your quest and then get Jaron’s Spuulies.
    121. Go to Darkwhisper Gorge to do Strange Sources.
    122. Go to 63.59 to turn in Frind Ranshalla and get Guardian of The Altar.
    123. Escort her and complete the quest.
    124. Go to Everlook to turn in Are We There, Yeti? and get the next part.
    125. Go to Ice Thistle to do it and then turn it in at Everlook and get next part,
    and do it.
    126. Go to Starfall Village to turn in Enraged Wildkin.
    127. Go to Donova Snowden to turn in Winterfall Runners and Strange
    128. Go to Timbermaw Hold to turn in Winterfall Activity.
    129. Go to Rut’theran village to turn in Guardians and get Wildkin of Elune
    then do it.
    130. You are now level 57.
    131. Go to Tanaris and then Gadgetzan.
    132. Go to Steamwheedle Port to turn in The God Hakkar.
    133. Go to the Lost Rigger Cove at 70.45 and quest.
    134. Go to Marshall’s Refuge and get your Bloodpetal Sprouts on the way in
    135. Turn in Haze of Evil then do the next part.
    136. Turn in Aquementas to get Linken’s Adventure and do it all the way with
    a group and turn it in.
    137. Go to Ironforge and get The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan, do it, and
    get the next part.
    138. Go to Stormwind and bind, then go to the Redridge Mountains by going
    through Lakeshire. Go toBurning Steppes.
    139. Go to Morgan’s Vigil at 83.63. Get the flight path, Fifty! Yep!, Dragonkin
    Menace, and Extinguish The Firegut.
    140. Go to Flame Crest at 60.30 to get Tablet of The Seven and Broodling
    141. Do Dragonkin Menace with a group. Get A Taste of Flame as you do it.
    142. Do Tablet of The Sevens, Fifty! Yep!. Extinguish The Firegut.
    143. Go to Flame Crest to turn in Brooding Essence, Tablet of The Seven and
    get Felnok Steelspring.
    144. Go to Morgan’s Vigil to turn in Extingish The Firegut, Dragonkin
    Menace, and Fifty! Yep!. Get Gor’tesh The Brute Lord and The True Masters.
    145. Go to Lakeshire to turn in The True Masters.
    146. Go to Stormwind Keep to turn in The True Masters and get the next part.
    Get The First And The Last.
    147. Go to Lady Katrana and then get The True Masters from Highlord Bolvar.
    148. Turn in The First And The Last, get the next part and do it, then get Flint
    149. Go to Lakeshure to turn in The True Masters and get the next part.
    150. Go to Morgan’s Vigil to turn The True Masters and get the next part.
    151. Go kill Gor’tesh at 40.53 and do The True Masters.
    152. Go to Morgan’s Vigil to turn in Gor’tesh and The Ture Masters. Get Orge
    Head On A Stick and go do it. Come back and turn it in.
    153. Go to Ironforge to turn in The Smoldering Runins of Thaurissan.
    154. Go to Aerie Peak>Hillsbrad Foothills>Follow the river north to Cillwind
    Point>north to Western Plagueland and finally end up in Chillwind Camp at
    155. Turn in Flint Shadowmore, Argent Dawn Commission and The Everlook
    Report. Get The Eastern Plagues and Clear The Way.
    156. Do Clear The Way. Turn it in and get The Scourge Cauldrons and All
    Along The Watchtowers. Turn in The Scourge Cauldrons and get Target: Felstone
    157. Go to the Ruins of Andorhal and do these quests.
    158. Head to Felstone Field and continue there. Get Return To Chillwind
    Camp, and Better Late Than Never.
    159. Go to Chillwind Camp and turn in Watchtowers to get Scholomance. Turn
    in Return To Chillwind Camp and Scholomance. Get Target: Dawson’s Tears and
    Skeletal Fragments.
    160. Go to Dalson’s Tears at 42.50 near Felstone Field and get Return to
    Chillwind Camp by killing Lord Malvinious.
    161. Go to 47.50 near Dalson’s Tears and get the quest from the house and do
    162. Do Target: Dawson’s Tears and Skeletal Fragments.
    163. Get Unfinished Business near Northridge Lumbermill, do it all the way
    but stop after killing Durgen.
    164. You are now level 58.
    165. Go to Stormwind to turn in Better Late Than Never and Good Natured
    Emma. Get Good Luck Charm.
    166. Go to Chillwind Camp to turn in Return To Chillwind Camp and get
    Target: Writhing Haunt.
    167. Go to Felstone Field to turn in Good Luck Charm at 38.54 and get Two
    Halves Become One.
    168. Do Good Luck Charm and turn it in.
    169. Do Target: Writhing Haunt and get Return To Chillwind Camp and turn it
    in. Get Target: Gahron’s Withering.
    170. Do Gahron’s Withering and then go back and turn in Return To Chillwind
    171. Go to Tirion Fordring near Thondroril River to get Blood Tinged Skies,
    Carrion Grubbage, and Demon Gogs.
    172. Go to the Eastern Plaguelands. Do your quests and kill the mobs you have
    173. Go to Darrowshire to turn in Sister Pamela and get Pamela’s Doll.
    174. Do Pamela’s Doll then get Uncle Carlin and Auntie Marlene.
    175. Do all your kill quests.
    176. Go to Light’s Hope Chapel at 80.60 and get the flight path, turn in Uncle
    Carlin, Duke Nicholas and get Defenders of Darrowshire and Zaeldarr The
    Outcast near 79.63.
    177. Go to Chillwind Camp to turn in Return to Chillwind Camp and talk to
    Ashlam Valorfist. Also turn in The Eastern Plagues and get The Blightcaller
    178. Go to Stormwind Keep to turn in The Blightcaller Cometh and get Order
    Must Be Restored.
    179. Go to Chillwind Camp and get A Plague Upon Thee.
    180. Go to Sorrow Hill to run in Auntie Marlene and get A Strange Historian.
    Also go click Joseph’s Monument there.
    181. Turn in A Strange Historia and get The Annals of Darrowshire and A
    Matter of Time.
    182. Do A Matter of Time and get Counting Out Time, go do it. Also do The
    Annals of Darrowshire and turn it in to get Brother Carlin. You should also be
    done with Skeletal Fragments.
    183. Go to Tirion Fordring at 7.43 to turn in Blood Tinged Skies, Carion
    Grubbage and Demon Dogs. Get Redemption and Of Forgotten Memories.
    184. Go to Eastern Plaguelands and then to Undercroft. Do what you need to
    here. Also get Hameya’s Plea. Go to Tirion Fordring to turn in Of Forgotten
    Memories and get Of Lost Honor.
    185. Go to Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands to turn in Brother
    Carlin and Zaeldarr The Outcast. Get Heroes of Darrowshire and Villains of
    186. Go to 53.65 to find the Shattered Sword of Marduk and get it and then
    leave the Infectis Scar.
    187. Get Horgus Skill from 50.50 at Blackwood Lake.
    188. Go to Northpass Tower to turn in Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril.
    189. You are now level 59.
    190. Go to the Plaguewoods to look termite mound and set free 15 Darrowshire
    Spirits from the Cannibal Ghouls. This will complete Defenders of Darrowshire
    and A Plague Upon Thee.
    191. Go to Zuk’Mashar to kill Hameya.
    192. Go to Northdale and get Symbol of Lost Honor at 71.33.
    193. Go to Light’s Hope Chapel to turn in Defenders of Darrowshire and
    Villains of Darrowshire. Get Heros of Darrowshire.
    194. Go to the Undercroft to turn in Hameya’s Plea.
    195. Go to Tirion Fordring to turn in Of Lost Honor and get Of Love And
    196. Go to Western Plaguelands and then to Caer Darrow Isle.
    197. Turn in Of Love and Family and get part 2.
    198. Go to Chillwind Camp to turn in Skeletal Fragments and get Mold
    Rhymes With. Turn in A Plague Upon Thee and get the next part.
    199. Go to Northridge Lumber Camp to do A Plage Upon Thee then go back to
    Chillwind Camp and turn it in.
    200. Go to Ironforge and get Kharan Mighthammer and An Earnest Proposition
    from Deliana.
    201. Go to Everlook and turn in Are We There Yeti? and Felnok Steelspring.
    Get Chillwind Horns.
    202. Do Chillwind Horns. Turn it in and get Return To Tinkee. Do An Earnest
    Proposition if you haven’t yet.
    203. Go to Ironforge and turn in An Earnest Proposition to get A Supernatural
    204. Gather the quests required and then go do the Blackrock Depths Instance.
    205. You are now level 60.
    READ THE FORUMS AT WORLDOFWARCRAFT.COM. You need to keep up with
    what is going on in WoW, because the world of constantly changing. Anything worth
    knowing will always be posted on the forums at some point, so just keep looking.
    Thank you for reading my guide and I wish you the best of luck.
    Disclaimer- This document is protected by copyright law U.S. Code 17 and is owned
    exclusively by the authors. Under no circumstance may it be copied, sold, or distributed
    without express written permission of the authors.
    Use the information in this guide at your own risk. Under no circumstance shall the
    authors be liable for possible damages or losses, direct or indirect, from the use of
    software, information, and material contained within. The authors are not employed or
    otherwise related to Blizzard or World of Warcraft and this information reflects the
    author’s own opinion and experience. World of Warcraft is a trademark of Blizzard

    Also see the Horde levelling and gold guide.
    Have fun levelling :biggrin:

    The button is there for a reason; If someone helps you, or you find something helpful then use it.

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    why is this in private server and help? wow guids lol

    Made by me ^

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    Yea thread moved.

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    Even so this guide sucks and auctioneer making gold guides are so old now the best way to make gold is by going to outland and doing quests and famrming mobs and elites or getting enchanting to 375 and selling crusader enchant so or solo noob instances .People get over it!

    Also you can farm twink items
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