I haven't came across any since they were made in 2010 (meaning they were outdated) so I've decided to make a new tutorial, Credits to me (Icnopandaz) for creating the tutorial, and credits also to WoWhead & Blizzard.

1. In order to find the displayID we need to select a creature or item. Go to Wowhead.com and go to "Database" and select either Creature or Item and look for the item/creature you want. I'll be using Ragnoros.


2. Next Right click on the mouse and select "View page source" or click Ctrl+U to get into the page source.


3. Once here click Ctrl+F to get to the "Find" tab and type in "DisplayID", the first displayID you see copy the number like as shown below. This is the displayID for the creature/item you want for creating items/creatures.


To see how to create creatures with the displayIDs go to my Creature SQL Customisable Queries post!

If you have any worries or problems pm me and I'll respond to you within 24 hours,
Kind Regards,