[TC335a] Finding EntryIDs of Obj,Creatures&Items

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    [TC335a] Finding EntryIDs of Obj,Creatures&Items


    In WoW 335a either on a repack or actual server, it's very simple to locate entryIDs. The only requirement is to be an admin. There are many ways we can find entryIds, for Items, Creatures & Objects.


    Starting with creatures there are 2 commands which can get us through finding them which are listed below.

    .Npc Info Command

    This way requires that you have already located the creature (npc) you're looking to get the entryID from, this command also grants you the ability to see the ScriptAI it has, the displayID and many other features I'm not currently getting into.
    When you find the NPC you want to get the EntryID from (whether it be to spawn it somewhere else etc) target the NPC and type ".Npc info", it should come up with different, for example this picture..


    This picture shows the information of a creature with the Entry ID being '100020', .npc info also can see what level, what faction and what NPC flags the NPC has scripted onto it from the database. Congrats you have now found how to get an entry ID!


    Finding quests can be done via WoWhead (Tutorial at the bottom), or using a command ingame. this command is .lo quest [Quest name].

    .lo quest [Quest Name] Simply typing .lo quest with a quest name you're looking for will either list 1 or many quests with the same (or near the same) name, the ID it tells us is the EntryID we need to find it either in the Database, or wherever we need it. That includes if we want to accept a quest using the command ".quest accept" or ".quest complete".

    Objects, Quests & Creatures.


    Don't worry, this isn't as complicated as what finding a displayID was. Opening WoWhead.com if you want to find a specific creature, item, quest or Object for a entryID, you can just search the name which you are looking for on the search bar, or google the "WoWhead" with the specific name you're looking for. For example googling "WoWhead Ragnoros" clicking into it I get the link "http://www.wowhead.com/npc=52409/ragnaros" . This link is all we need, it tells us that the Npc = EntryID 52409. You now have the entryID for Ragnoros.

    Thank you for reading If you wish to release on any other forums just pm me about it and then you may once I respond! as long as you give me credit for it ofc. Have a nice day

    Finding DisplayIDs
    Customisable Creature SQL Script
    Take Me Back To The Guide/Script List

    Kind Regards,

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    is funny how many things you can do using WoWhead just need a bit of imagination , i've managed to extract chartitles.dbc up to legion titles sadly WOTLK won't run them all

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