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    [Free Service] - Private Server Help

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    People who are member on the other forum (Click on the banner for getting there) will get faster & even better support, and will be keept on skype etc, in case they need more help.
    This thread is made for a service thread, where i help out people who needs help with anything related to Emulation. I do not require money for the service.
    What I offer:

    Core compiling. (TrinityCore - 3.3.5/4.3.4, 4.0.6, Arkcore and 4.0.6 SkyFireEmu (Project SkyFire) (Database install is included as well.)
    Error fixing on worldserver & authserver.
    Server public with Hamachi. - Takes around 2-5 minutes.
    Fixing database errors.
    Set up a repack for you. (Beginner task)
    Doing basic Database stuff as: Quest creation, mob creation, item creation, (without the red question mark), backing up your database and so on. (Will show you how to do it)
    Setting up any CMS website. (CraftedCms, FusionCms, Azer Cms etc.)
    Adding a C++ script into your core, you must have the source code.
    Other kind of basic database stuff as making people start another place, starting with bags, starting with items, and so on..
    Got a few errors with your c++ script? I'll give it a try and fix it, depends on how much time i got, i can't master c++ yet.
    & A lot more, I cannot write everything I can do, but if you need help with something that I didn't write here, but kind of simillar, contact me anyways.


    Must have Teamviewer & a Windows Computer.
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________

    Contact Information:
    Skype: "Emil3060." - If you add me type "www.emucoach.com or emucoach.com / emucoach" or i might not answer (getting too many random requests)
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________
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    I've been told of this guy from a few friends who kindly got help with setting up hamachi, Sounds good

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