hi all,
here i will list the items i know that dont work correctly and explain how to use that properly.

i will NOT mention all the bugged trinkets that proc on every hit. i think this is well known already and mostly fixed and/or removed from the servers.

so here we go:

"Storm Gauntlets" - Item: Storm Gauntlets :: World of Warcraft :: Allakhazam.com
"Fiery Retributer" - Item: Fiery Retributer :: World of Warcraft :: Allakhazam.com
"Fiery Plate Gauntlets" - Item: Fiery Plate Gauntlets :: World of Warcraft :: Allakhazam.com
"Blazefury Medallion" - Item: Blazefury Medallion :: World of Warcraft :: Allakhazam.com

now what is that good with those lowlvlitems?
well they all add some spelldamage on each hit. more excatly they add a proc to each hit: a 100%chance to fire a nature or fire damage spell with minor damage at the enemy.
on private servers the calculation for spelldamage on spells does not work correctly, so those spells dont deal minor damage, their damage depends on your spelldamage, making them incredibly powerful with the correct equipment!
the calculation for the damage seems to depend on the server, but its around "spelldamage divided by 2 to 3".
so if you combine the sword, necklace and the plate gauntlets on a paladin with protection gear and holy spec(for the 35%int=spelldamage) and the bugged seal of the crusader you will deal awesome amounts of damage compared to a weak retadin with his useless 140dps weapons :>

click the links to see where the items drop. maybe you can buy them anyways on private servers.
they are quite easy to obtain for their power.

well then, i hope this will help some people upgrading their damageoutput