Easy Gear From Trash Mobs In Hyjal

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    Talking Easy Gear From Trash Mobs In Hyjal

    Im not sure if this is a repost or not, but no need to flame a admin can delete this if it is.
    Step 1: Anyways first of all make a raid group either with a friend or another account. Enter Hyjal In Caverns of Time ( Go Only into the Human or Orc Base, The Night elves get PWNED Easily)
    Step 2: Pull a mob and run like hell back to Guards or the leader of the place either or, Helpful if you get both though (Thrall,Jaina, Night elf Person) P.S. You Might get killed so the 2nd person that lives just hit the small mobs fighting the guards with a small hit so you dont aggro them. ( This is so you can loot, them or it wont work )
    Step 3: Once they are dead you can loot their stuff, I did this trick on WoW Impulse and got Claw and Fist of Molten Fury
    Edit: I guess this is a repost except the person said you can take on bosses, its not exactly true, lots of servers have to extemely fast respawn so when you pull the mob you bring a shit load of undead with you, easily wiping out the head boss of the place. Sources - Getting owned by Kaz'Rogal and Rage Winterchill, The other mobs that have t6 do not follow you far enough for it to work, If you read the Warlock glitch i have posted below it will help you get at least the 2 peices of T6 from Hyjal.

    Additional Warlock Glitch-
    Im Not sure if many of you know this but it didnt seem like it on my server, If your a warlock you can enslave ANY Demon. I got a lil T6 Using Archimonde as a tank
    Thanks for reading and sorry if its a repost
    Edit: Rep Cookies would be helpful :angel:
    P.S. If you need Screenies just post and tell me, ill post one with me sitting next to archimonde and a bunch of undead dead either in Human or Orc base Thanks.

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