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    - CE Talent Stacking -

    Credits Goto Xinux:

    This will let you spec 3 times the talent points you are able to spend in a specific talent.

    1. Spec 5 Points in Improved Frostbolt
    2. Hax
    3. You can now spec 4 more points in Improved Frostbolt!
    2. Hax
    3. You can now spec 3 more points in Improved Frostbolt!
    2. Hax
    3. You can now spec 2 more points in Improved Frostbolt!
    2. Hax
    3. You can now spec 1 more point in Improved Frostbolt!
    2. You have now specced 15 times in one 5 pt talent!

    This won't work with talents with 1 max talents.

    NOTE: You WILL lose the talent points you spend, this only allows you to spec more points in the targeted talent!

    1. Start Cheat Engine

    2. Start WoW, login to the character you want to hax.

    3. Target WoW with Cheat Engine.

    4. Open a world of warcraft database website. www.wowhead.com

    5. Go respec.

    6. Spec in a talent you want to hax. (Example: 5 points in Improved Frostbolt)

    7. Search for that talent on wowhead; You need the right rank! If you specced 5 points, it's rank 5, if you specced 4 it's rank 4 and so on.

    8. Copy the last numbers in the URL. (Example: Rank 5 Improved Frostbolt has the numbers 16766.)

    9. Open another wowhead window and search for a RANK 1, TIER 1 talent you WONT USE. (Example: Arcane Focus rank 1 has the numbers 11222.)

    10. Open Cheat Engine and search for the talent you want to spec more into (THE LAST RANK)

    11. Select all lines except green ones. (Only some spells have green lines.)
    If there are TONS of lines, just select some at the top.

    12. Press the red arrow so that the lines is copied to the other box.

    13. Target all the lines in the other box.

    14. Right click, >Change value. There you put the talent that you weren't going to use. (Example: Arcane Focus rank 1 has the numbers 11222. So then you put 11222 (EXAMPLE) in the box, and click Ok.

    15. Go to WoW again, open your talent tree. (If you already had it open while haxing, you need to close it and open it again.)

    16. You can now spec (in this case) 4 more points in Improved Frostbolt!

    17. You can continue doing this on all talents you want.

    With my mage i have 100% crit on frozen targets and i constantly crit 6k with frostbolt, with a frostbolt cast time of 1.6 (tons of haste).

    Thanks for reading, might update with pics and better spelling later. (UPDATED)


    Thanks to Donnysevun's find you can now put 15 points in one 5 point talent!

    Quote:Originally Posted by Donnysevun
    Also, when you put the extra 4 points in the desired spell, you can scan "Rank 4" of the talent and repeat steps 11-15 and and put in an extra amount of talent points. If you wanted to hack it even further you can scan rank 3 and repeat steps 11-15, i hacked the bane talents a few times and got instant soulfires on my warlock

    If you find a server where this doesn't work, please post it in this thread and I'll add it here.

    I looked through the talent tress and wrote down all the best stuff you can do with this hack! Get ready for a long list. (Not updated for WotLK)

    Druids can get:
    0.5 Sec wrath
    300% Critical strike damage bonus with balance spells
    Uninteruptable wrath
    Reduce energy and rage cost in cat or bear form by 15, free maul
    Cat form faster than travel form
    60% more int and 60% more stam in bear form
    45% Chance to avoid AOE effects
    Double as good Mark of the Wild
    Uninteruptable healing spells

    Hunters can get:
    1 Sec revive pet
    45% More hp
    15% More crit
    Reduce arcane shot cd with 3 sec
    90% Crit dmg bonus
    30% More AP
    47 Yd ranged attacks
    45% More agi
    Pets: 30% More hp, 42% More armor, 60% More damage, 30% More crit, 60% Attack speed

    Mages can get:
    45% More int
    75% Crit dmg bonus
    Spell damage increased by 75% of your int
    1.5 sec cast time reduction on fireball
    9 yd increased range on fire spells
    3 sec cd reduction on Fire Blast
    Uninteruptable fire spells
    30% More damage with fire spells
    1.5 Sec cast time reduction on Frostbolt
    300% Crit dmg bonus on frost spells
    6 Sec + on chill effects and 30% slower
    12% More frost damage
    30% More range with frost spells
    150% crit against frozen targets
    90% More damage with Cone of Cold
    15% More frost damage
    15% To dodge ranged and melee attacks

    Paladins can get:
    30% More str
    30% More int
    Uninteruptable healing spells
    12% Crit with Holy Light
    15% Crit with holy spells
    30% More armor from items
    60+ Defense skill
    Reduce cd on Hammer of Justice by 30 sec
    All damage dealt when onehand weapon is equipped increased by 15%
    Hit 50% faster with Divine Shield!
    Reduces damage taken when you have less than 35% hp by 90%!
    39% More stam
    15% More parry
    15% More crit
    Increase movement and mounted speed by 30%
    6% More dmg
    12% More dmg with 2-handed weapons
    45% More crit with Judgements
    90% Threat reduction!

    Priests can get:
    45% Stun, Fear and Silence resist
    Mana burn cd reduced by 1.5 sec
    30% More mana
    15% More spelldmg
    Crit with offensive spells increased by 15%
    Instant Mass Dispel
    150% Damage caused to you when you have shield on returned to the attacker
    15% More stam, int, spi
    Uninteruptable healing spells
    15% Crit with holy spells
    30% Less spell damage taken
    Reduce cast time of Smite, Holy fire, Heal and greater heal by 1.5 sec
    30% More range with Smite and Holy fire
    30% More healing done by healing spells
    Increase duration by shadow word pain by 9 sec
    48% Threat reduction
    6 Cd reduction of Psychic Scream
    7.5 Sec cd reduction of Mind Blast
    30% More range with shadow spells
    30% More shadow spell damage
    45% More crit with shadow word death and mind blast

    Rogues can get:
    30% More eviscerate damage
    15% More crit
    3% More dmg
    Finishing moves grants an additional combo point
    60% More crit with Backstab
    30% More crit with Mutilate
    90% Crit bonus dmg
    60% More dmg with poisons and envenom
    30% More chance to apply poison on each hit
    24% Increased movement speed
    18% More damage on targets afflicted by kidney shot
    Your finishing moves cost 120% less energy when they fail to hit (?)
    15% Less physical dmg taken
    3 Sec longer gouge
    9 Energy cost reduction of Sinister Strike
    15% More dodge
    15% More hit
    15% More parry
    90% Longer slice and dice
    45 Sec cd blind
    150% More dmg with Offhand
    15% More crit with fist weapons
    15 More expertise
    12% More damage with sinister strike, backstab and eviscerate
    6% More stam
    3% More agi
    60% More damage with backstab, mutilate, garrote and ambush
    No cd on stealth
    15% Faster movement speed while stealthed!
    90% More crit with ambush
    Reduce energy cost of Cheap shot and Garrote by 30
    30% More ap
    30% Chance to avoid AOE effects
    45% More agi
    15% More dmg with backstab and hemmorhage

    Shamans can get:
    15% More dmg with Lightning and shock spells
    3 Sec cd shocks
    15% More crit with lightning spells
    9 yds + to your lightning spells
    Reduce cast time of your lightning spells by 1.5 sec
    15% More mana
    15% More crit with melee
    15% Dodge
    Increase your attack speed by 150% for the next 3 attacks after dealing a critical strike
    30% More armor from items
    Immunity to slowing effects (?)
    30% More damage with all weapons
    1.5 Sec reduced cast time of healing wave
    20 Min cd reincarnation (With the totem)
    Uninteruptable healing spells
    15% More crit with healing and lightning spells

    Warlocks can get:
    Uninteruptable drain spells
    30% More range with affliction spells
    30% More dmg done and life drained by shadow spells
    15% More dmg with Curse of Agony, Corruption and Seed of Corruption
    60% More fire ball dmg imp
    45% More stam
    6% More mana
    6% More health
    Pets deal 60% more dmg
    15% More crit for you and your pet
    0.5 sec cast Immolate
    1.5 sec cast shadow bolt
    Insta cast Soul Fire
    Imp: 1.25 Cast time on Firebolt
    Succubus: 3 Sec cd on Lash of Pain
    15% More crit with destruction spells
    24% More crit with Searing pain
    30% More range with destruction spells
    Uninteruptable destruction spells
    75% More instant damage with Immolate
    30% More damage done with fire spells
    30% Less cast time with incinerate
    6% More crit with spells

    Warriors can get:
    Heroic strike cost reduced by 6 rage
    15% More parry
    150% More damage done by rend
    45% Chance to resist Stun and Charm effects
    9+ Rage generated when charge is used
    75% More crit with overpower
    Your critical strikes deals 120% of your weapons damage of 12 seconds
    15% More damage with 2hand weapons
    30% Crit damage bonus
    15% More crit with axes and polearms
    15 Sec cd reduction of Intercept
    Increase damage caused by mortal strike by 15%
    7.5 sec cd reduction of Mortal Strike
    150% More area of effect with shouts
    15% More crit
    75% More damage done from Offhand
    75% More damage caused for 12 seconds after being critted
    Instant Slam
    75% More attack speed for next 3 swings after critting
    Berserker rage generates 15 instant rage when used
    6% More hit
    3 sec less cd on whirlwind
    30% More AP in berserker stance and 30% less threat
    9 More instant rage with bloodrage
    60 Defense rating
    30% More armor from items
    90% Stun chance on revenge
    Increase duration of disarm by 6 sec
    3 sec longer taunt
    Increase damage absorbed by your shield by 60%
    30% More damage when having a 1hand weapon equipped
    12% Less spelldmg taken when in defensive stance
    All offensive abilities cost 6 less rage
    15% More stam
    30% More strength FIXED ON :
    WoW Enforcers
    Atreus Funserver
    Chaos Crusade

    Still works on V.C.N. :facepalm:
    -World of The Underground War-

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    Corey,that must be 953545 thread about this I have seen,but I do not recall seeing it here on d3scene as the way you put it.Appreciate the fact you want to contribute so I'm going to you anyway.
    Keep on the good work Corey.
    EDIT: Uhh sorry I can't seem to you atm,but I will when I can i promise.Btw,if You could make a tutorial on how to do this exact same thing using WPE it would be awesome.Thanks
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    Why thanks ^^
    -World of The Underground War-

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    There I finally managed to rep you ^^

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    Thx - it really works - but , im new here in D3 ..and with CE - so i spend my talents but when i close wow , and start it again - talents are away ! so , its possibile to save it ??? pls help me

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