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Hello WoWBeez players,

According to Federal and State (Texas, site where the server is hosted) Law;

Anyone hacking's information will be turned in to the Internet Crime Center (A Government Organization). All information of previous posters has been recorded and anyone posting further will be banned permanently from WoWBeez (IP address RANGE, email address, account(s), character(s) (will be deleted) and all other aliases). If you do not wish to be banned, do not post any further, and do not hack. GM's that are on your associated realms have your account names and will be taking necessary precautions as advised by their realm Admins.

Thank you,

Gamemaster Nolam, Thunderstorm Realm, WoWBeez Staff.
First of all, the Laws of Fascistic USA doesn't apply to other country's. Secondly you run a private server, which means you are in trouble, because "you" can be arrested if Blizzard try's to contact those "Cyber Policeman" and your server is gonna get shut down. My friend, you are absolute idiot when it comes to life, so scram! I hack wherever I like! END.