This can be especially useful if you want to walk through a BG's wall or through any invisible wall GMs erect infront of closed instances.

This is the hack, ZatXYZ (I'm not the one who made it nor am I the first person to publicize it). I did, however, test its limitations.


- The reason I say the hack is "largely undetectable" in the title is because I kept moving forward and forward until I was WAAAAAY off my original point. The server registered me as being "teleported" to another location (Just like WoWemu). So if your server has hack protection against teleportation and you use ZatXYZ for like 80 yrds, you will get caught. If it's just bypassing a wall, chances are you won't.
- It's not fast to use

ZatXYZ gets a two thumbs up from me