an efficient piece of art which will allow you to have your in-game radar track every possible object \ player \ npc.

all attaching \ locating \ reading \ writing are done by the tracker automatically, you only run, and tick them check-boxes.
also added a 'language.ini' file for you to be able to change the language of features,
to fit your native language and share among friends if you desire.

Enjoy and leave feedbacks.

Q: Can i play it in patch 5.4.8 (RETAIL) ?
A: Yes, but its aimed to support private servers, happens to work on retail, for now.

Q: Is it detectable on retail ?
A: Seems not to be at the moment (played with for an hour an a half, no harm done) but can be detectable if desired in 5 minutes or 5 years.

Q: Is it detectable by private server's anti cheats ? molten \ sentinel \ warden ?
A: None that i know of.

Q: What other patches does it support ?
A: 1.12.1 to 5.4.8, all the common ones, and yes, works perfectly on MoltenWow, PandaWow, WowCircle, Heroes-Wow, etc ..

Q: Will it work on x64 bit version?
A: No. please change the name of your Wow-64.exe or even delete it. Will only work on 32bit.

if you cant see image click here to download

File Size: 144kb
Version: 1.0.0
For Patch: 1.12.1 - 5.4.8
Virustotal file check-log: File Is Clean ( 0/54 )