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Burning Realms is a World of Warcraft Legion server in version 7.3.2.
It remained hidden to work quietly in the development and try to give a better advance.

Small servers joined this project to work on their progress.

Now think: "Another Legion server, great ...". Well, here's the thing.
There are other Legion servers also with great content, but we are not just our content.
Our community is very important to us.
Our staff goes through a series of tests to show that they are able to be as enjoyable and supportive as possible.
We have different divisions that separate to ensure you get the answers and help you faster.
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How are we so important to you?
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Q : Why do I speak of this in place of the server?
A : We will get to talk about the server in a moment, but first we need to talk about why our staff is a big part of our community and why we love our community so much.

Our staff is what makes a great experience in the game, or at least a large part of it. We believe that staff members should not have a bad attitude.
Our players are the foundation of our community, and we would not have the incredible opportunity to make a great community for you to be a part of it.
We have given time and effort to create an environment that you can be a part of it. Not just for the content or the fun, but to meet the incredible people who can be in it.
Remember, we are all a family, and we need to take care of each other.
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WE :
- are currently in a Closed BETA ( soon Open BETA), so we are still developing. We really want to offer such a large community so that everyone can participate.
- want you to have fun as much as possible, and for this we need to make sure that all our content is as error-free as possible.
- are working on fixing Legion instances, world bosses and much more content.
- are not a pay-to-win, however donors get special items that do not alter the gaming experience, such as items from the Blizzard store.
- have lots of content, and great developers who work hard everyday to make a phenomenal community.
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Burning Realms has a unique team of staff, its own content and a unique community. We emphasize the great content that we have fixed, and the morality that we defend.
Community is our greatest concern, and we do everything we can to make it a great community that you can belong to.
Nice people, nice staff, active server, 99% uptime and great content.

Why should we play on BURNING REALMS and not on other servers? Honestly, I don’t ask you to stay on our server, but if I ask you to try it before criticizing.
It may surprise you with our content and community, and I think you'll have a lot of fun.
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Rates adjustable from x1 to x10 choseen by user in-game (You'll find a NPC in every starting zone) .
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Systems working:
- Spell AreaTrigger system
- Scaling level for legion creatures
- World Quests system
- Available difficulties Heroic and Mythic
- World Boss loot system
- Rated Arenas
- Arenas Skirmish
- Rated Battlegrounds
- Battlegrounds
- Loot for difficulties are implemented
- PvP Rewards scaling with personal rating
- Mardum Scripted
- Gilneas Scripted
- Kezan Scripted
Available Dungeons:
- Eye of Azshara (will be open after release)
- Darkheart thick(will be open after release)
- Maw of Souls (will be open after release)
- Halls of Valor (will be open after release)
All classes around 80%/90%
Archaeology system
Dungeon Finder
Scripted quests in broken isles for leveling!
Old PvE Content scripted and available (There are few bugs that should be fixed with reports)
(This is important cause some servers don't allow their users to do this raids so they should buy mounts from store.)

5 Available World Bosses
Blizzlike quests to start your adventure in zones like Hyjal, Deepholm... You should make the pre-quests before can join the portals

Website : Link
Forum : Link
Discord : Invite Link