Xtreme WoW Estonia 2.4.3funserver is back!

- Level cap 255
- 2 Shopping Malls
- Alot of events!
- Many custom vendors
- 24/7 Uptime
- Supporst 2.4.3
- Custom Buff's and spells
- World bosses
- T7 - T10 Custom adventure with alot quests to get it ( T11 soon )
- Arena custom set!
- Friendly and helpful GM

Check it on your own!
Here is a short movie about the server:

The info on website about lags and disconnects is already fixed so just ignore that message.

Website: https://www.weallplay.eu/wow/ ______ Registration page: https://www.weallplay.eu/wow/register.php
Realmlist: set realmlist weallplay.eu