I thought I would make this quick tutorial since no one else in the entire, "world wide web", wants to show anyone how to do this, especially newbs. This took me several hours to figure out but I know now how to update so you can start your games from the, "My games" menu, instead of xex.menu or xbox neighborhood.

First, You need to find XamLoaderExecuteAsyncChallengeHook in systemhooks.cpp, see picture. Then you want to copy and paste this entire code into that area. Then you want to find Initializesystemhooks within the same area. After, you will update the new hash after Patchinjump, see picture. Use crtl+F to find these words within the script. If you do this correctly, then games will load from, "My games" and you will no longer receive, "Cant Load games From xbox store" error.

If you dont want to use the entire code Im providing, then you simply need to add or update the gold spoofing. Stealth servers use gold spoofing hashes in order to load from the "My games menu." See code below:

// Fixed bytes//17526
*(DWORD*)(0x8167F8D8) = 0x5563DFFE; // Gold Spoof
*(DWORD*)(0x81A3BCB8) = 0x5563673E; // Gold Bar

*(DWORD*)(0x8167F8D8) = 0x38600000;//Gold Spoof
*(DWORD*)(0x81A3BCB8) = 0x38600001;//Gold Bar

If this is still to difficult for you, I will make a video.