CS:GO Simple BoxESP & Legit Aimbot


I want to release a free (no registration needed) tool with you which compiles C# assemblies (in a sandbox safe mode) which is not encrypted or packed in any way.

In this particular example we're going to be using a completely open source code in GitHub for CS:GO

And this is the source code of the assembly:

This is the tool which compiles the source code directly from GitHub:

And this is how the CSGO assembly looks like in action:

Remember you can clone the source code and modify it to your liking as you wish. More advanced API to be released very soon!

With best regards, Feretorix.
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As promised new API has been released which allows Writing memory in a safe manner (only on non-executable regions) and mouse movement/keybd clicks.

As this, new update has been released to this assembly which includes a super simple aimbot, with the option to smooth it out to the extreme.
This should not be detected in overwatch cases if you are using it correctly with aimspeed lower than 10.

This is how the AIM menu looks like at the moment:

And this is how the engine aimbot looks like in action with default speed 12: