[Download] StarCode En/De-crypter


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thats what i think :D ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Also if a map has donation stuff it's probably not possible to edit it in unless the dev did it a stupid way, if it's game sided nothing can be done.
Haven't done any coding in 10 years, so a lil lost. Managed to get the security level and key. Can anyone tell me what to do with the numbers after decompressing the string? I'd love ya long time :D


i just corrupted my zombie world:unity file anyone know how give myself my kills back
i need values for Zombies World Unity with challanges done and donator heroes anyone can help me? shareit app vidmate apk
I appear to be missing where it says this is a place where people can ask for free stuff. Fucking spend 10 mins learning how the game works, everything is out there for you it's called 🌈Google🌈. Stop asking for stuff and do it yourself.


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plus it has 300 downloads, noone ever talked about virus or the antivir is reacting. maybe you have a free one who isnt working well.

virustotal gives 0 results:



Windows defender is a walking meme buddy. Get yourself a premium anti-virus if you wanna stay safe. Plus Sterillium is trusted so it is highly unlikely he will ever upload a rat.