Halo 3****Aimbot Explanation***Plus DL****Jtag/RGH only



This is an old video I did, thought I would share. Everything still works.

I just wanted to provide a link to download halo 3. It has everything you need to mod. Also, I've put a few maps on there as well. Its got Cov, ai playground(cant remember if it does), etc. It also should have an aimbot.xex in case you dont want to use the version. For the unlimited ammo to work, you need to be host of a game.

Halo 3 Game DL-(Link), this is a modified version of halo 3. Has some famous modded maps already installed, plus a modded main menu. I didnt make the modded maps or the mainmenu, but did set this up. Just copy to your /hdd folder.