LegacyWotlk :: New PVE Progressive Blizzlike Realm

As happened in Retail, you can focus on what interests you most, whether you’re a person who loves quests and want to get the Loremaster, as if you are a pvp lover born and want to focus on the season of arena or do any kind of pvp (indoor, outdoor …). We consider it very important to complete the story of the characters, so those who are some achievement hunters will find here a perfect place to stay and accumulate the most achievements points possible or if you want, just explore the world. Of course, the PvE is one of the great qualities of WoW you’ll enjoy it being as Casual or Hardcore Raider. If you are someone who loves the thrill of patches strict progressively you have the option of these kinds of challenges on our progressive realm.

Extra info:
  • x1 Rate
  • Double xp event start every Friday 23:59 (server time)
  • Join us and get free Heirlooms for your new Character
  • Progressive system
  • Crossfaction Random Dungeon Finder
  • No pay to win
  • Full Blizzlike content scripted

    Constantly growing friendly & open community, you’re welcome to join us anytime!




Server trailer