[WTS] [LoL] Plat 4 with a 70% winrate *25EUR* (GOOD MMR)

Hello guys,

Today I am selling a brand new account I made. This means you'll basicly get FULL acces to the account. (Your Email + Password)

- The account has a ~70% winrate on op.gg.
- It's plat 4 currently with good MMR (vs P1/D4).

26 champs.
2 skins: Elementalist Lux & Debonair Ezreal.
This account is made + leveled by me SOLO and nobody else. No hacks/clients used in this traject.

Payments methods: PayPal (upgraded members only) and BTC/ETH.
Price: 25EUR, PM me.


1. I only accept PayPal from upgraded members. All others Bitcoin only.
2. I will not go first to anyone. We can use a middleman at your cost.
3. I hold the right to refuse selling to you at any time.
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