[WTS] OWalmart, Critical Hit/ HyperFlick Duo!

Taz CH

presents you with a store where you can get the product of your dreams.
Our store sells products from
Critical Hit and HyperFlick.

CH Features
HF Features

Time to join join us!

«The Union is indestructible»

Why should you choose us?
  • OWalmart contains cheat that have long recognized themselves as premium quality products.
  • We have a lot of satisfied customers on the Discord Server and you can always find a like-minded person.
  • We have frequent giveaways where you can try your luck and access one of our products.
  • There are streamers on our server who also giveaway during broadcasts and you can also evaluate the quality of our premium products.
  • Also on our server there is support in case of any problems or if you need advice, you can always get help with any questions.
  • Positive and cozy atmosphere.
  • A kind and competent attitude towards our customers.

  • If you leave positive feedback, you will get 2 hour as a gift! for Critical Hit (DM Creation#4426 in discord with a proof)
  • When you buy a HyperFlick key for 1/7/30 days, you will receive 6/12/24 (hours) keys as a gift, respectively!

Purchase & Contacts
We have made a discount for the HyperFlick product.
60$ = 1 week
200$ = 1 month
Version: ULTRA
Hurry up to buy, the promotion is limited and will end in the coming days.

BUY HERE : https://shoppy.gg/@OWalmart

Contact Information
Discord: Creation#4124

Join Date on D3Scene: 23/06/2021

Name of Hack(s)/Service(s):
Critical Hit & HyperFlick

Time Undetected: 9 months
Discord Server:

Website: https://shoppy.gg/@OWalmart

Compatible Games: Overwatch
Vouches: No
Terms of Service/Refund Policy:
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This weekend you will have the opportunity to purchase HyperFlick at a discount 20% and test the premium product for yourself.
Hurry up, the discount will only last this weekend.