[WTS] Post Scriptum EAC safe Cheat


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Contact Information:
Discord; DeadEye#2935 | Skype; BlackWolfSante

Join Date on D3Scene:
Apr 25, 2020

Name of Hack(s)/Service(s):
Post Scriptum EAC Safe Cheat

Time Undetected:
since Release ( 6 weeks )


Compatible Games :
Post Scriptum latest update -> v2.0.875.15329 (Auto-Updating)

Terms of Service:
-NO Refunds/Chargeback! Result is a perma ban.
-We can ban you for whatever reason and terminate your license with no chargeback!
-Childrish behavior/bullshitting/toxic = perma ban.
-We wont go first!
-Do not beg for getting a test client nor changing the price.
-We currently accept only PayPal FF + BTC + ETH.
-We dont take any guarantee of losing your account (cheating is always a risk).
-ToS can change anytime!

Refund Policy:
-NO Refunds/Chargeback! Result is a perma ban.

Link to Video/Media :


Additional Information:
Cheat removes 90% of Grass / Trees / Bushes / Plants
Cheat is slot limited max 15 User!
[3/15] Slots taken

Price per month is gonna be 25€
haven't seen anyone selling smth similar.

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