[WTS] Pulsar CS:GO | Internal | Free trials | Slots Limited | Aim,Visuals,Misc,Skinchanger



More pics :

Bomb info :

Showcase :

Features :

Aimbot Tab:
-Aimbot on/off
-Aimbot key
-Visible only
-Hitbox selection
-Field of view
-Recoil control
-Friendly fire
-Distance based field of view
-Silent aimbot
-Auto pistol
-Draw field of view

-Triggerbot on/off
-Triggerbot key

[Weapon config]
-Weapon config on/off
-Weapon group (Pistol,Rifles,Sniper,Smg,Heavy)
-Weapon config hitbox
-Field of view
-Recoil control

-Accuracy boost (backtrack)
-Remove recoil

Visuals Tab:
-Visuals on/off
-Visuals key
-Visible only
-Team selection
-Flags (bomb carrier, armor, is defusing and more..)
-Wepons (Icone,Name)
-Player box (classic, edge)
-Player name
-Player health
-Player armor
-Player skeleton
-Player sound

- Allies (Visible/Invisible)
-Enemy (Visible/Invisible)
-Draw backtrack
-Player chams type (normal,flat,wire,ghosting, crystal blue/light)
-Weapons chams type (normal,flat,wire,ghosting, crystal blue/light)
-Hands chams type (normal,flat,wire,ghosting, crystal blue/light)

-Override player Fov (0-30)
- Enable view offset (X,Y,Z)

[Worlds & Effects]
-Bomb planted (Bomb window with every infos)
-Grenade prediction
-Sky color
-World entities (dropped weps name, icones)
-Removals (Flash,Smoke,Scope overlay)

-Glow on/off
-Entities (bomb, weapons, grenades)

Misc tab:
-Config pop-up

-Bunnyhop (hitchance)
-Auto strafe
-Fast crouch (remove cooldown)
-Edge jump (key + airduck)

-Fakelag on/off + key + value

[Player name]
-Input player name
-Apply name
-Hide name exploit

-Spectators list
-Disable post-processing
-Rank revealer

-Engine radar (game radar)
-Sniper crosshair
-Recoil crosshair
-Kill messsage + input message

-Ragdoll gravity
-Force deagle special animation

Skins tab:
-Skinchanger on/off
-Update skins button

- Weapon group skin selection
- Weapon specified skin selection
-Listboxed skins (input search by name, skin ID)
-Skin condition
-Skin name
-Skin seed
-Skin stattrak

-Knife model selection
-Listboxed knife skins (input search by name, skin ID)
-Skin condition
-Skin name
-Skin seed
-Skin stattrak

-Glove model
-Glove skin
-Glove condition
-Glove seed

Config tabs
-Create config
-Load config
-Save config
-Reset config
-Remove config

Price :
1 month : 15 euros
6 month : 60 euros
Lifetime : 150 euros
(Acces to loader, cheat and the discord & customer support)

Paiement methods :
- BITCOIN (you can buy bitcoin pretty much anywhere on the internet)
(Please contact us for more infos)
- Paypal
- Skins CS:GO

Slots :

For security reasons the cheat will be restricted to only 20 users.
Taken slots : 9 / 20

Support :
- Windows 10

Anti-cheat :
- MM

Protection :
- Extra layer of protection against VAC
- User limitation
- Anti-leak

Informations :
Hello everyone,
We are two devs wich were part of the CS:GO cheat scene for a long time now. We were inactive due to RL stuff, we have now more time to work on this project thanks to the corona lockdowns. We've already made a release here at elitepvpers some years ago but we are also trusted on another known forum. One of us was also Mod on a pretty popular P2C back in the days. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Cheat was used privately for about ~6 months by friends without any issues.

Free trial for a feedback :

If you are trusted here or on another forum and you are able to write a complete feedback let me know on discord.

Contact :

D3Scene note :
We are obviously not trusted here (old account wipped on database reset?), even tho we are on the other forums we posted on. If anyone is trusted enough and is willing to make a review just pm me here or on discord. Thanks !

Complete thread infos :
Contact Information: pulsar on D3Scene

Join Date on D3Scene: April 2021 on this account, ~2015 before database wipe

Name of Hack(s)/Service(s):
Pulsar CS:GO

Time Undetected: 6 months

Website: None

Compatible Games: Counter-Strike : Global Offensive

Terms of Service: Pulsar license is hwid locked, attempting to share your Pulsar license will result in a ban

Refund Policy: Refund will only be given if you cannot run the cheat for any reason after we've tried to fix the problem

Link to Video/Media (not required but preferred - pictures may be included in the Video/Media section): See thread

Vouches (not required but preferred): Still looking for vouches

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Bump, updated paiement methods (Paypal and CS:GO skins now available).
We’re still looking for trusted people to vouch for our product.