Request your old rank!


uhh, i was a gmod at some point, then i wasnt, i was a coder, elder user, and maybe more.. don't remember :-(


Retired staff, premium, donator probably a bunch of others. Tracky is probably the only one who still remembers me, maybe :ROFLMAO:


Elder User
Hello, I been trying to use d3scene for a while these past couple years and it seemed down. Was wondering what happened, glad to see it back up. Loved this site.

I do not remember my roles I had, I want to say elder? Though I honestly can't remember. If you could check the old database for me, I would love to have as close to my old account back as possible.

I am pretty sure I am using the same username, if not I am sure you could check my email :D

Thank you


Elder User
Hey, im Back :)

I think i was Elder rank.
Username was Loulus oder Xepth.
Most time i was buying CSGO hacks and where writing in the CSGO threads.

Think the same rank as ST0R3Z
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