This is one of the most used, and longest running SC2 boosting services!

I offer SC2 boosting services for any league, 1v1, 2v2, and archon, up to Masters on all servers and GM boosting on NA!

The thread is a little long, but the reason is due to me being completely transparent with all pricing and information. If you are looking to purchase something, please read the thread for what applies to you before contacting me.

My skype is: lilkyolil
Discord: Kyo#7581

Important info: my boosting service is only done as the Protoss race.
I do not boost as T or Z for the sake of getting you the best W/R, and as fast as possible.
Usually, I can complete any boosting services within a few hours of contact, if I am free :)

An index of items you can use the search function for:
> Placement Matches <
> Pricing - North America <
> Examples of purchases <
> Grandmaster Service Information - North America <
> Legacy of the Void - Archon Mode Boosting <
> Referral Service! GET FREE MONEY BACK! <

Placement Matches
I never previously did these because there was really no way for me to know if I was ranking up extra leagues for free. However, if you really, really want me to play placement matches for your account I have to charge $15 for 5 full games placement matches. If it only has 1 game for placement then it will be $5. This is, in reality, still $5 cheaper than a single league boost, in which case I may end up losing out on money, but because people continuously ask me I have decided to add this to the list of options purchasable.

NA - Fresh Account Prices! (Accounts that have many games may have slightly different prices)
2v2 boosting with ME playing on the account will be similar to the prices below, as well.

Pricing is as follows for NA:

Silver: $5

Gold: $10

Platinum: $15

Diamond: $25

Masters: $35
Masters Tier 3 to Tier 2 is $20
Masters Tier 2 to Tier 1 is $35

Pricing is as follows for EU/KR:

Silver: $5

Gold: $10

Platinum: $15

Diamond: $30

Masters: $40

only offering boosting to M3 on EU/KR

Prices are now flat fees for ease of transaction for everyone.

Short, easy, and simple!

Grandmaster Service Information - North America

The flat fee for GM is $125 on NA.

If you would like a GM acc maintained in GM (Rank 101-200) by spending the BP while getting wins it will be $50/Month

** I have stopped services above top 100 GM to avoid any influence of WCS tournaments. I hold WCS integrity far above my boosting service, and will not facilitate them.

Archon Mode / 2v2 playing together boosting

Boosting your account in Archon Mode by solo play of the booster (just by himself with his own friend):
Silver: $5
Gold $10
Platinum $15
Diamond $20
Masters $30
M2 $20
M1 $35
GM: $65

Boosting your account in Archon Mode or 2v2 to any league under Grandmasters with you playing with the booster:

Silver: $10

Gold: $15

Platinum: $25

Diamond: $35

Masters: $45

GM: $75

Maintaining the account in Grandmasters will be $75/Month for either plan.
Top 50 GM Archon Mode: $85 per month
Top 16 GM Archon Mode: $150 per month

Playing simultaneously with the booster in Archon Mode is a good way to grasp mechanics, timings, and chat in game with the person who is boosting you. Keep in mind, however, that any advice on builds etc between the booster and person who is receiving the service will be via text chat in, or after, games. This is to assure that the any chat can be saved and looked at later by the person who buys the service. This is good to review builds etc.
Voice service may come in the future, but is currently not available.

~~~~Revamped Referral Service - GET FREE MONEY BACK!~~~~

I am revamping the referral service! Now you are able to get money back on ANY boosting job I have done for you if you refer another individual who purchases a job from me!

How it works:

If the person who is referred to me purchases $20 in boosting you receive: 15% back on your purchase!

If the person who is referred to me purchases $40 in boosting you receive: 20% back on your purchase!

If the person who is referred to me purchases $55+ in boosting you receive: 25% back on your purchase!

For those who refer something I subjectively consider an incredibly great recommendation I may, at my own discretion, refund up to 50%, or even more (depending on how much you purchased)!

Our Guarantee

Your account information will never be logged into via Blizzard's website. All replays will be given at the end of the boosting service for proof of our legit services and your own learning. This is a trusted, and well known boosting service that attempts to accommodate our buyers as best as possible. All payments are done through paypal's gift option. If you are worried about authenticity please reference this buying/selling account website for testimonials (click here).


If you have any interest in this service let me know by either posting in this thread or contacting me via skype at: lilkyolil or Discord: Kyo#7581
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I recommend this for anyone who needs it.
First of all, very kind and friendly.
Second - a short and real instructions about all stuff, and he’s really punctual on my opinion.

The job was done very quick and pretty professional. Very good THANKS!! :)