Trainer For Starcraft WORKS!


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hey guys i wanna share a hack with you its not my hack but it wortks and we need working hacks again

it has god mode
instant skill cooldown
fast recruiting
fast healing
unlimited pop
unlimited resources

you need to download the wemod Program but its totally free!

the creator of this hack is mr antifun not me !

but i share it with you for making starcraft great again haha ♥

Greetings ACAZ!

PS: i hope i break no rules by sharing this!

pps hf with that^^
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any kind of trainer used in online mode probably will get you banned so whats the point?
if you are playing single player you dont need a trainer


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dude of course you get desinc if u use it for rank lolz
but you can use it for arcade and also for coop if you get your ally to leave or you do just use the hack with both guys same options active and you both can use it...^^ so this is the point :)