[Unofficial] List of Legit/Scam Cheat Providers


Please note that this list is based on users experience in the past, even if someone is listed as legit doesn't mean he's actually trustworthy in future. Also this list might be not correct, some people are having different experiences with cheat providers than others! Use this list at your own risk!

Important information:
Buy only from people with high Rep + long time registered + proof.
If you dont like taking risk wait until people buy the cheat and give us feedback.
Note: Many scammers use multi accounts or friends to post feedback.
Do your research and dont spend money like a stupid idiot.


since many people are trying to get a apex cheat, im here to help you. I will constantly Update this list.
This is a personal opinion, could be different for others.

If someone want to be at the list, pm me with trial.

Legit Providers
  • kernelcheats.to (UD)
  • proofcore.io (UD)
  • pUnknown.net (UD)
  • alpacheats.io (UD)
  • Paradox.GG (DOWN)
  • ev0lve.xyz (UD)
  • cxcheats.net (UD)
  • SharpShooter (UD)
  • cScript (Apex Script - UD)

  • ArtificalAiming (Known for bad support, unjustified bans and non working cheats. Currently invite only.)
  • HyperCheats (Was already detected and will stay detected. Lying about detections or hidding them.)
  • ennui.ninja (Status unknown)

Scam Providers
  • iwantcheats.com (Always detected)
  • ilikecheats.net (Always detected)
  • uniquehacks.store (No product after payment)
  • overmod.us (No product after payment)
  • cs-joke.pl (No product after payment)
  • privatecheatz.com (No product after payment)
  • weepload.yolasite.com (No product after payment)
  • colossalcheats.com (No product after payment)
  • hackerbot.net (Virus)
  • army-cheats.com (No product after payment)

Last Update: 25.04.2020

Good cheat, undetected for a while, constantly updated and good customers support.
Offering a working cheat most of the time, these are relatively new, unknown, maybe detected, bad support, or a record of copy and pasting.
Selling detected stuff, virus or keylogger, verified fake or scam.
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Keep this on topic and follow the rules.
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I understand wanting to post useful topics day 1 but simply pasting over threads from other forums is kinda dumb.


Lol this list is straight out copy pasted from my epvp thread. At least give credits or update the list :D


Lol this list is straight out copy pasted from my epvp thread. At least give credits or update the list :D
Exactly, I would rather see a mod running this kind of thread. Brand new sites with discord sales only should be removed and considered as a scam.


Can't find anything on this guy Rony95
He claim that he sell packet based radar on apex is this even a real thing ?