What's Up?


Seems like the other admins are doing it so I'll join them - what's up D3?

Used to be a Gmod for a while back in like 2014/15, went to Germany for a year of college and escalated to admin when a few other staff were going through life. Haven't been as active lately as I'm a freelance writer living the dream paycheck by paycheck but COVID's got me getting back into things I forgot I enjoyed (including this rag tag bunch of hackers, script kiddies, and whatever sub-species Koshaan and Naxel are). Booted up the Discord server the other year as a sort of backup and turns out it was the lifeline during the website overhaul/restoration so that works.

Think that about brings us to today - glad to be back, looking to add/create some new D3 content and/or swag in the next few months. Cheers.


I buy booters from superlee7 hax websites. Am hacker. Notice me.

Welcome back buddy.